Aluminum Upcut Saws

Precisely Cut Aluminum Profiles Quickly with a Burr-free Mirror Finish

Are you a metal work producer or a fabricator in need of a sawing system built and designed to cut up aluminum extrusions, profiles and other non ferrous materials? Then the Aluminum Upcut saw is for you.

These are a range of heavy duty upcut saws made for enhanced speed and precision cutting. They are hydro-pneumatic in design and are built for aluminum profile cuts. Talk about a range that is designed with the latest fabrication technology and we would show you this range that guarantees best outputs and an increased level of safety while in use.

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers Semi-automatic, Automatic and High Speed Aluminum upcut saws that are positioned underneath the work table surface within a safety guard up until the required cut is made and is capable of miter and straight cuts alike.

Because there are various models of our aluminum upcut saws, blade sizes may also differ to suit operational needs as well. They come with clamps that are well regulated and such are set to allow the least off-cuts thus guaranteeing only the best quality upcut saw at the best price too.

At GSS Machinery, we only stock machines and tools which are industry leaders and as such set the standard. Based on this long standing experience as a world class tool and fabrication machine supplier, our array of Semi-automatic Aluminum Upcut Saws, Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saws and High Speed Aluminum Upcut Saws will exceed your performance expectation just like our other machines and tools. As such, our level of technical know-how in terms of machine and tool quality is practically second to none because as always what we offer in terms of versatility, functionality and pricing is competitive.


  • Adjustable feed rate system.
  • A drive system that guarantees continued output.
  • Easy angle sets.
  • Quick and easy profile cuts.
  • Durable aluminum blade.
  • Pneumatically driven clamp system.
  • Mist coolant system.
  • Dual hand safety operation.
  • Easy blade change.
  • Enclosed sawing chamber.
  • High cutting capacity.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Protective covering for safety switch.
  • Suitable for profile cutting and commercial aluminum cutting.


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