Band Saw Blades

The Southeast’s Blade Welding & Distribution Center for Eberle® Band Saw Blades

You are yet to be the best of band saw blades if you haven’t checked out our range of blades. We have a band saw blade for every and any application. Ours is designed to produce the best cuts possible and made of the best materials available.

At Gulf States Saw & Machine Co., we take pride in ensuring that fabricators and manufacturers alike get the best of machine accessories because we understand the intricacies of the industry and the cost implications of lost work time as a result of damaged tools which our band saw blades are set to bring to an end.

These band saw blades are designed using the best of high tech cutting technology and can exceed a mile range of 15 -know any that can beat this? I don’t think so!

Our selection of Band Saw Blades can cut through the toughest of metals and structural fabrications. If you are into wide sets or need band saw blades that are capable of making custom cuts on workpieces, this is what you need.

All of Our Band Saw Blades Welds are Guaranteed!

The designs available are numerous and come with varying blade tooth materials, shapes, sets and pitches which are however built to suit different personalized uses of fabrication and metal work manufacturing alike.

For us, it is simply a case of raising the cutting standard of profiles and metal materials one band saw blade at a time. We stock as well, band saw blades with extended performance capacities which can cut through beams and materials with bigger width.

Within our brand of Band Saw Blades, we have put together a range that outperforms any other in the industry with stocks on bimetal band saw blades such as Duoflex PT, PT plus, M42, MX55, GTX and others of the Eberle brand which guarantees an outstanding output quality. With this range, you are assured of band saw blades that will perform on any chosen application and that will require the least degree of maintenance.



For band saw blades:

  • Versatile range of applications.
  • It can cut through metals of all types.
  • A robust abrasive resistance.
  • Lengthened blade life.
  • Blade teeth made of speed steel.
  • Guaranteed precision cuts.
  • Strong tooth design.
  • Guaranteed increase of output.
  • Customized options.
  • Versatile blade options for specific use.



  • Round bar
  • Square bar
  • Tubes
  • Special profiles
  • Beams
  • Flat bar



Tool steel, Aluminum, Brass, High alloy-tempered steel, Copper, Ferrous, Graphite, Cold working steel, Structural steel


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