Waterjet Cutting Systems

An American-Built Waterjet Cutting System with Accurate & Quick Movement

GSS Machinery offers a high range of exclusive WaterJet cutting machines that have been designed to meet the needs of industries in search of ultimate versatility. WaterJet cutting machines are generally popular for being the most flexible cutting technique and most effective cutting equipment.

Our WaterJet cutting machine range allows you to cut different materials without difficulty. You can cut any shape, size with our user-friendly software and you should expect increased efficiency, fast cutting, and high-quality quality parts.

A WaterJet cutter operates with a high-pressure stream of water to lessen a thin line/edge in the stock materials. For it to cut through a greater number of materials ranging from tool steel to titanium, foam to a granular (garnet), abrasive is added to the WaterJet to intensify the cutting force.


Why choose our waterjet cutting machines?

WaterJet cutting machines offered by Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. can be used for fabricating machine parts and can be adopted when materials (plastic and aluminum) to be cut are receptive to intense heat produced by other methods. With our WaterJet cutting machine, your workshop has the advantage of unrivaled flexibility as it can quickly cut materials without tampering with its original structure because there is no heat-affected zone, which reduces the impact of heat.



  • Maximum precision cutting in practically all materials.
  • Can be merged with plasma or oxy-fuel on the same part.
  • Operate with an intensifier pump that generates the ultra-high pressure (up to 90,000 Psi) water pressure needed for cutting strong materials.
  • Its intensifier pump makes use of a hydraulic pressure over the water system, a large horsepower motor controls a hydraulic pump to generate hydraulic pressure which powers a piston in the cylinder.
  • Well-structured to cut through components from plates of cartons materials such as forms of stainless steel, alloy steels, non-ferrous metals.
  • Capable of trimming sharp edges and taking off the flash from a part.
  • Pressure vessel contains a mixture of abrasive and carrier fluid such as air, water e.t.c. The compressed air, liquid, or gas in the vessel pushes the abrasive particles in the hose.
  • The high-pressure rate is added to an orifice with a regular diameter range of 0.005” to 0.020”. The orifice is made in a diamond or sapphire to withstand the abrasion of high-pressure water.
  • The orifice defines and generates a water stream that cuts through materials.
  • To cut Harder materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum steel, wood, plastic, glass, and others, the abrasive executes the real cutting through a mechanical sawing type action.
  • To cut softer materials like rubber, leather, cloth, paper, cardboard, insulation, foam e.t.c. The high-pressure water stream does the cutting without any abrasive.
  • Nozzles are made of composite tungsten carbide.
  • Generates a taper below 1 degree on nearly all cuts and can be decreased completely by reducing the cut process or tilting the jet.


Components of WaterJet Cutting Machine

The 3 primary component includes:

  • The table: An X-Y nozzle mechanism that has a garnet hopper attached and catcher tank underneath.
  • The pump: The high-pressure pump generates compressed water for the cutting process.
  • The Controller: This makes use of software for system operation, movement control, and nozzle placement.


We offer multiple models that can accommodate your processing needs.

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