Tube Laser Cutting Systems

Accurately Process Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Brass

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. has a solution range that suits a wide array of fabrication requirements in processing tubers, pipes, and steel. Aside from our range of tube lasers boasting high-quality laser cutting technology, they also incorporate extra processing features to provide value-based advantages for metal fabricators.

Many tube laser cutting machines incorporate splendid machine functions, including high standard control, set up, and cutting operations. These mechanized features enhance easy handling and machine proficiency. The diverse capacities of GSS machinery’s tube laser machines make them suitable for many industries/workshops and various applications.

GSS Machinery tube and laser cutting machines can cut tube, channel, or constructive shapes to length and add holes or complex cut-out designs, all in a single operation.

Tube laser machines produce high-level precision cutting and can be used for various materials or different shapes and sizes. It’s cutting ranges start from as little as an inch up to 9 inches, and you can cut or shape the length of the tube you need. Rectangular tubes can be cut up to 9 inches and beyond.

The range of machines yay Gulf States Saw & machine Co. offers can easily cut through stainless steel for about 0.25 inches; on titanium, it can cut through 0.4 inches with ease. Tube laser machines are very versatile and can deal with an extensive range of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and non-metals such as wood, plastic, and styrofoam.


  • Capable of cutting a piece to length, adding holes, and other cut-out designs in a single operation reduces the demand for minor actions and manual material dismissal.
  • Allows operators to secure the ability to hold tight tolerance on complex fabrications.
  • It can produce parts from a single sustained piece of raw materials to ensure that they are suitable for one way and can be quickly assembled.
  • Produces high-level precision and ensures excellent cuts, and it’s very versatile.
  • The 2-Axis tube laser range can cut tubes into two dimensions; they are great for cutting into length, they do well for generating characteristics and joints to use in between tube pieces in structure. The 3-Axis range, on the other hand, can be cut in 3 dimensions and can be used for chamfering and tilt cutting.
  • Capable of bending tubes manually to minimize the number of parts required and the amount of welding you need to do.
  • It can easily handle any length- a regular tubing of 24 feet can be smoothly handled.
  • It is appropriately engineered to cut through all shapes, thicknesses, and tubes with round, rectangular or complex profiles. It can also cut through materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, wood, plastic, and styrofoam.
  • Extremely efficient to improve your workflow and productivity.
  • The efficiency and accuracy make the production of complex parts/designs easy and automated.


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