Double Acting Hydraulic Punches

Double-Acting Hydraulic System Allows Automatic or Manual Operation

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers portable double-acting hydraulic punches that provide a complete mechanized process of punching and revert through its inbuilt dexterous control device along with inching (manual mode) and automatic load recognition.

Our range of portable double-acting hydraulic punches boasts a 27mm diameter capacity, a maximum thickness of 13mm in steel, and a 60mm maximum throat depth.

At GSS Machinery, we can tailor your punching machines to suit your distinct applications/to exhaust extended capabilities through our alternative accessories such as punching in horizontal/vertical positions and punching without hands, enhancing your punching quality.

GSS Mchinery’s range of portable double-acting hydraulic punches is perfect for speedy productions of holes and slots in various materials such as beam flanges, angle, channel, plates, and bar stock.

This machine features a dual-action model that reduces cycle times, and its compact design allows minimized material handling, which produces highly effective holes compared with other processes.

This range of hydraulic punches has found vast application in several industries like electric tower cross arms, utility pole cross arm, elevator bracket, air conditioning bracket, zinc steel, guardrail, angle steel shelf, and many more.

Portable double-acting hydraulic punches can process a diverse range of unique shapes, regular, oblong punches, and dies.



  • Allows automatic and inching (manual mode) operations.
  • Capable of processing a diverse range of hole diameter up to 27mm (1-1⁄6″).
  • Its double action designs impressed lunch bending and speed backtracking.
  • They are inbuilt with an intelligent control device as well as automatic load detection and mode indicator light.
  • They are equipped with sturdy built steel “C” frames to ensure strength and durability.
  • Its complete compact punch and pump set up minimized material handling.
  • Alternative freestanding base and foot pedal allow benchtop operations.
  • 1 and 1-1/16″ punch needs the use of a split lock nut and minimize the extreme thickness to 9/16″.
  • For mild steel, maximum punching thickness should be decided depending on the 0.8* punching diameter equation.
  • Comes with optional accessories like hose cord, assembly, split lock nut, spanner, spammer 12, chip guard asembly, toolbox, 2mm punch & dies, and 4mm/5mm Allen wrench.
  • Great gantry punching station, which enhances productivity and operator’s convenience.
  • Easy to handle in both vertical and horizontal positions.
  • Capable of processing various special-shaped punches and dies.
  • Offers a maximum punching thickness of 5⁄8″ and 1⁄4″ for 304 stainless steel. It also produces a maximum throat depth of 4-5/16″ and allows the maximum output of 52 tons.
  • It weighs 66 lbs. and allows maximum pressure of 10,000 psi.


Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. is the ideal solution for hydraulic punching machines, suitable for a swift and precise punch of any specially-shaped holes like rectangular, square, H type e.t.c in various steels, brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and many more. Our range of portable double-acting hydraulic punches is used in several industries for multiple operations.


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