Punches and Dies

Industrial Quality Punches and Dies offered by Gulf States Saw & Machine Co.

Are you aware that we stock a huge range of Punches, Dies, Shear Blades and Press Brake Tooling? Well, now you are! Punches, Dies, Shear Blades and Press Brake Tooling are valuable for all sorts of hole cutting and shearing processes and carries these out precisely and quickly.


On their own, Punches are capable of stretching, coining, bending and blanking. They are made of hard metals or rods with tips that are pointed on one end and dulled on the other. Tools which they generally can be used alongside include hammers, chisels and others too numerous to mention.

Generally, there are different types of Punches and individually they function for different uses and in different industries.

Prick Punch: which is the most commonly used. It transfers shapes and patterns to fabrication sheets for punching.

Center Punch:  larger indentations on metals are simplified by the creation of these markings which are suitable for drills and are generally heavier.

Drive Punch: drive punches on the other hand are designed to have flat falls,  suitable for removing bolts and pins that are bound in holes.

Pin Punch: pin punches are used to dislodge rivets and pins.



Dies are generally an accompanying accessory to punches and is such that, while the punch cuts, shears, bends, coins and blanks a material, the Die is what holds the work-pieces in place. Dies may invariably determine the shapes of the punch holes or cuts and are mostly customized to fit the use of the punch.

Dies are generally available in cutting, simple, compound, progressive, combination, forming, transfer and multiple die designs. These Dies aid the overall functionality of the punch on metal surfaces.

GSS Machinery offers a range of Punches and Dies that are formed to the highest standards and function. These Punches and Dies can be operated manually or automatically and in single or double-acting designs respectively.


Shear Blades

Shear blades are the parts that cut plate material when utilizing plate fabrication machinery such as a plate shear, angle line and even iron workers. They come in multiple types and sizes and can accommodate just about all plate shearing machinery.


Press Brake Tooling

Press brake tooling comes in the form of punches and dies for hydraulic and mechanical presses. we offer Press break punches and dies in multiple shapes and sizes for all machines. They are Precision machined to exacting tolerances and come sectionalized to accommodate any length your shop or facility needs.


For us, it is not just about offering machines and accessories available to you, it is about giving you the very best machine and accessory user experience possible – we achieve this by providing highly efficient, functional and economically viable machine and accessory options.


We offer durable, high-quality punches and dies for many applications.

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