Hydraulic Plate Shears

Industrial Grade Swing Beam Design Plate Shears

Cutting metal sheets and the stock has been made seamless with our extensive range of plate shears. These machines are capable of making straight cuts on flat or stock metal materials and can be powered manually or electronically.

At Gulf States Saw & Machine Co., we offer a range of shears that are not only functional but are suitable for the production of precise and properly executed metal cuts.

Our Plate Shear range is an easy-to-use collection that is built to great industrial and safety standards. These shearing machines are built on a hydraulic transmission system and are designed to undertake heavy-duty shearing processes as well. They are readily an attractive option as they are quite user-friendly, easy to operate and can accommodate many materials such as:

Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Abrasion resistance plate, Brass, Iron, Bronze, Hardox, Copper, Diamond plate, A36, Hastelloy, Alloy, Magnalloy, Titanium.

Our Shears use a Swing Beam system which ensures that the angles and cuts of an entire length are not only precise but concise thereby eliminating rough cuts on work materials. They are also capable of cutting straight lines on metal materials ranging from 10 gauge to 1.5″ thickness and offer the best tonnage available.

The design is such that aligns with metal feeding systems be it robotic or through a roll.

If your fabrication needs are vast, then we are your stop point as we have available a complete shear system consisting of a hydraulic table, apron, and PLC option controls. Our Plate Shears require low maintenance levels and are set to be a valuable addition to your fabrication process.



  • DELEM and ESA CNC controls.
  • Multiple back gauge configurations.
  • Automated crowning options.
  • An extensive tool package selection.
  • Multiple application use.
  • Hydraulic drive systems.
  • Under 3000 PSI hydraulic pressure.
  • Can range 4 to 24 ft width.
  • Capable of shearing 10 gauge to 1.5″ capacity.
  • Run-on AutoCAD and solid works control file format.
  • Built to the best of industry-standard: OSHA and ANSI; Bill 4 compliant as well.



  • Metalwork manufacturing
  • Electrical equipment manufacturing
  • Cabinet production


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