Need the best of wide range application coolants?

You are in the right place! Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers Eberle® coolants for just about every application and machine.

These coolants are made of special elements which regulate system temperatures during production or fabrication processes. They are designed with a high thermal capacity, low viscosity, are non-toxic and economical.

These Coolants, otherwise known as cutting fluids may serve as lubricant for metal fabrication and can be differentiated under water-soluble coolants- which is a combination of water emulsion and oil – and neat cutting fluids. Although the oil content may vary.

Generally, coolants can remain in a state or go through phase transitions when heated. This process may add to the overall cooling efficiency of the coolant which functions as a heat exchange fluid that is filled into systems and machines.

Eberle® coolants offered by GSS Machinery are available in a versatile range of:

– Dry Micro Lube, Semi-synthetic, Full Synthetic and Super Synthetic

While constant internal heat could destroy a machine’s engine, the specialized formulation of our coolant is capable of providing the needed protection against corrosion and depending on your usage and need, we have them in the following sizes:

– 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 55 gallons and 275 gallons

Our guarantee of quality that is second to none is the best form of preventive maintenance for your machines as this will in turn create a production and manufacturing environment that is profitable.



  • Protects systems against corrosion
  • Wide range of application
  • Easy and ready to use concentrate
  • Prolongs machine life cycle Users


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We offer Ebrle coolants in multiple types and sizes.
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