Beam Cambering Machines

Reliable and Cost Effective Beam Cambering Machinery

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers the most efficient and reliable beam cambering machinery in the industry. Our range of Beam Cambering Machines are a solution to your cost, quality and structural fabrication processing concerns.

Beam Cambering Machines offered by Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. are the perfect compliment for your structural fabrication needs. They are built using the highest quality industry standards to deliver maximum productivity and quality.

Beam cambering machines offered by GSS Machinery are designed to work as either a stand-alone component, or integrated directly into your structural fabrication process and can help you camber your beams quickly and accurately while keeping production running at peak performance.



  • Cold camber beams in a matter of seconds and with precision.
  • Electric motor powered hydraulic system.
  • Accurate, automated positioning.
  • Heavy-duty rigid steel construction.
  • High pressure rated large-bore cambering cylinders.
  • Easy integration in your workshop.
  • Can be designed to fit in your assembly line process.
  • Straighten as well as camber beams.
  • Computer-controlled systems allow for accurate adjustments, ensuring the desired curvature is achieved within tight tolerances.
  • Can handle various sizes and types of steel beams.
  • High precision and control over the cambering process.
  • Designed to induce permanent camber into wide flange, channel, and tubular beams.


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