Voortman V310
GSS Machinery offers the Voortman V304 High Definition Plasma Table.

Voortman V310 and V304 Moving Gantry Plasma with Drills Plate Processing Machinery

Voortman V310 Moving Gantry Plasma with Drills Plate Processing Machinery

Plate Drilling, Milling and Cutting in a Concise Area

The new Voortman V310 performs fully automatic carbide drilling, full contour milling and 3D bevel cutting. VACAM scheduling and buffering allows you to perform all processes in unmanned mode. The V310 maximizes processing uptime where a dashboard provides valuable information on process progress.

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers High Definition CNC Plasma Table Systems such as the Voortman V-310.


  • Robust bridge design/lineal guideways.
  • Unmanned running with next-level features.
  • More interaction & feedback to make things easy.
  • Milling & drilling without limits.
  • Next step in automatic bevel cutting.

Voortman V304 Moving Gantry Plasma with Drills Plate Processing Machinery

Plasma Cutting with Instant Cut Technology

The V304 CNC plasma cutting machine offers fast, efficient, multi-torch plate processing. Part production times and costs shrink with breakthrough features like Instant Cut Technology, I-cut correction, dross inhibitor, and a lowered X-rail for easy loading and unloading – plus the fastest height control in the market.

GSS offers the Voortman V304 Moving Gantry Plasma with Drills plate processor.


  • I-cut correction for reducing plasma taper.
  • Fast Voortman Height Control.
  • Oxy-fuel 4.0 cutting.
  • Low X-rail for easy loading & unloading.
  • Dross inhibitor for reducing piercing dross.

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