High Definition Plasma Tables

World Class Plasma Cutting with Hypertherm Technology

At Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. we understand the importance of getting the right tool for the right job. Hence our drive is to provide only the best fabrication machines to our customers.

Our High Definition Plasma Tables are computerized plasma cutting tables designed to cut through a wide range of steel thickness and are run on Computerized Numeric Controls which ensure high definition capacities and of course best quality outputs.

It can cut through mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials ranging from 3mm even up to 25mm. You may also ask how it functions. Not to worry, we’ve got you on that as well. It blows a gas (which can be any of oxygen, air, inert, and so on) at a quick rate through a nozzle while also passing an electrical arc through the gas.

The gas is then turned into plasma which is not just hot but capable of cutting through metals while also blowing off molten metals from the work surface. With this technology, neater and edgier cuts can be easily achieved. Because it is built on a more advanced cutting technology that is capable of forcing the plasma arc through a tighter nozzle simply to achieve more precise and accurate cuts, It uses between an amperage of 300 to 800.

This range is capable of cutting carbon steel that is 76mm thick with the best range of between 3-25mm. Its technological design is such that enables and increases the automation rate of its functionality thus making it a great choice for fabrications.



  • Cut steel and other non-ferrous metal surfaces including stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel.
  • Achieve faster, more accurate, and even complex design cuts within a range of widths.
  • Cut large steel surfaces.
  • Achieve a near laser cut quality.


Because we care about our customers, we have also included here a factor to look out for when making a choice on the best suited High Definition Plasma Tables for your fabrication processes; which is the width of materials it would be mostly used for.

This is an important consideration that must be paid attention to as it greatly determines the specification of the HD Plasma Table you would need. For instance, the thicker the width of the materials you intend to work with, the higher the amperage of the HD Plasma Table you will need. Our High Definition Plasma does a great job on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum workpieces overall.


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