Dual Operator Iron Worker Machines

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A dual-operator ironworker is often the best option when two simultaneous operations (e.g. punching and notching) are required. Our Ironworker machines can do everything from punch holes in concrete to breaking up and moving earth. They can be used in the construction of bridges, buildings, and roads. Desire: They’re also used to pump concrete and to lay underground pipes.

Dual Operator Ironworker Machines offered by GSS Machinery are computer-controlled machines capable of performing one-off jobs with great precision. If you’re trying to get your shop up and running, don’t worry about the confusion. Our experts can tell you what exactly you need and work with you to customize a machine for your needs.

With dual operator control, the machine operator can concentrate on specific tasks such as wire cutting and shape making. The second operator controls the positioning of the ironwork and is there for assistance and troubleshooting.


Why choose a dual-operator iron worker?

  • A Large, Open Punch Station Allows For An Infinite Range Of Options.
  • Special Tooling And Equipment.
  • Three Coper Table Guides In A Set.
  • 8-Way Top/4-Way Bottom Angle Shear Knife Set.
  • Coper Knives (2-Way Top/4-Way Bottom) In A Set.
  • Knives For Shearing Plate (4-Way).
  • Three-Position Electric Joystick Controls In The Front And Rear.
  • Automatic Urethane Hold-Down On Plate, Angle, And Bar In 3 Positions.
  • Shear Stations.
  • Optional Bending Attachments Up To 48′′ Long Bending Capability.
  • Large Platen Provides Options And Special Tooling Applications.
  • Longer Strokes/Deeper Throat Depths.
  • Appropriate To Machine Tonnage Due To 5 Punch And Die Sets.
  • Punch Station And Shear/Coper Station Dual Operators Function.
  • A Foot Pedal And A Joystick Are Available At Each Station.
  • Deeper Throat Depths And Longer Strokes.


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