Plate Fabrication Machinery

Cut, Shear, Press and Roll Metal Plate with High-Quality Outcomes

At Gulf States Saw & Machine Co., we sell the best plate fabrication machinery at competitive pricing, so you can trust us to help you choose the right combination of machines for your plate processing needs. Machines offered by GSS Machinery include High Definition/Conventional Plasma Tables, CNC Press Brakes, Plate Shears, Waterjet Cutting Systems, Plate and Angle rolls. These machines are capable of cutting, torching, bending, and assembling as well.


Plate Fabrication Machines

Plasma Systems

Our High Definition/ Standard Definition Plasma Tables are versatile and feature a range of durable plasma tables from Victory CNC plasma systems.

Hydraulic Press Brakes

We also have a range of CNC Press Brakes both single and dual cylinder. There is the Standard Industrial Single Cylinder Press Brake which is run on a hydro mechanical system and the Standard Industrial Dual Cylinder CNC Press Brake which is run on a Y1+Y2 CNC system respectively.

Hydraulic Plate Shears

Our Plate Shear range on the other hand is of the best quality attainable in the industry and consists of the Standard Industrial Plate Shear which comes with a customized hydraulic shear fabrication system.

Hydraulic Presses

Our hydraulic presses can be used for large-scale cutting, forming, and finishing metals, castings, and other materials.

Waterjet Cutting Systems

The American Machinery Group Water Jet Cutting System produced by the American Machinery Group has a varying cutting area of 6×12 or 12×6.

Plate & Angle Rolls

Our top performing Bertsch Plate and Angle Rolls produce the shortest bent flats in the industry are available in manual or full CNC control systems


We Are the Plate Fabrication Machine Experts

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