Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses with Unmatched Rigidity and Durability

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. is the leading distributor of a comprehensive range of hydraulic press machines, which finds high usage in several industries. We meticulously select these machines based on industrial standards and engineered them with top-quality parts and other materials to deliver excellent productivity. Thus, these presses are made to last.

Hydraulic Press Machines come in 4 configurations: Four-column hydraulic press, C-Frame hydraulic press, Straight side hydraulic press, Compact straight side hydraulic press.

Hydraulic presses offered by GSS Machinery are great for assembly, straightening, fabrication, quality control, maintenance, product testing, bending, forming, punching, and shearing in cartons industries.

The range of hydraulic presses is equipped with a cylinder fitted along with a sliding piston that makes use of force over a confined liquid, which, alternately, generates a compressive force over a stationary anvil/base plate, also, the liquid is forced into the cylinder through a pump.

Generally, hydraulic presses come with a frame that is made out of heavy-duty arc welded steel and a seamless steel cylinder to avoid leaks.

At Gulf States Saw & Machine Co., we have a great variety of hydraulic presses in different styles and sizes that can operate efficiently in capacities ranging from 1 ton or less to 10,000 or more depending on the application/industry. All of our presses offer accessories that include Safety door, Limit switch, Manual control valve, Electrical control box, Relief valve, Pressure gauge, Hydraulic cylinder, Motor, Oil tank, Pressing plate, and Bailing compartment.



  • Internal thread piston rod En-8.
  • Hard chrome plated.
  • Induction toughened and high-speed range.
  • Great tonnage efficiency.
  • The hydraulic press is soundless as it has a low number of movable parts.
  • Produces a great amount of pressure/force.
  • Higher versatility in operations like powered metal forming, straightening, bending, transfer molding, shell reductions, press fits, and many more.
  • Low tool cost.
  • Precise and smooth pressing.
  • An expert operator is not needed because it is simple to operate, plus a semi-operator can make use of the machine.
  • Durable service life.
  • Enhances the toughness and strength of the workplace.
  • Less floor space is needed.
  • The motion is uniform and can be used for powerful operations.
  • You do not have to worry about overload or weight damage since at a point, the pressure is set and when the pressure increases, the relief valve opens.
  • Requires proper/high maintenance.
  • The pressure is fit for some limits and cannot go beyond the set limit.
  • Operates on an oil pressure system.
  • Equipped with a carbon footprint.



A hydraulic pressing machine is used to control any metal block into a sheet, as well as, Forging, Blanking, Clinching, Molding, Deep drawing, Metal forming operations, Punching, Thermoplastic, Composites, RTM (resin transfer molding), SMC ( shell molded composites), Carbon fiber molding, GMT (glass mat transfer).

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers a wide variety of highly efficient hydraulic press machines. We have a variety of hydraulic presses that are built with steel, powder coated, and available with or without gauge based on your requirements. For more information and inquiries, you can contact us at 877-724-7297


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