Straight Side Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses Engineered to Withstand Heavy-Duty Fabrication Processes

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. is a one-stop solution to a full range of mechanical and hydraulic pressing machines up to 2500 ton capacities with straight sides; single and double point structure and arrangement to offer several applications in different industries.

Our range of presses is engineered to outdo the highest standard of industrial machines. Straight S and Compact Straight Side ide presses are built to have solid machine features. The sturdy design serves high durability and strength while offering a higher die area and side openings.

At GSS Machinery, we offer the best quality Straight Side and Compact Straight Side presses that can be adaptive to the application /operation that you need.

Straight Side and Compact Straight Side presses extracted their name from the vertical columns or uprights on both sides of the machine. The two side frames are straight, can hold out heavy loads, and can make use of the same source and operation mode.

The smaller ones are usually single cranks or irregular shafts; the large straight edge closed type dual-action toggle press, whose pressure is included in the moving parts by 4 positions, plus the pressing work of the steam cover can be completed in a single process.

Our range of straight side and compact straight side presses is free from angular distortion under load and can maintain true vertical motion all through the press stroke which reduces tool wear and can achieve precise part tolerances.

Accessories include: Clutch and brakes surge tank, Air filter, Air Lubricator, Safety Valve, Pressure switches, Flywheel brake, Pressure switch, Drain cock, Rotary coupling, Pneumatic piling, and Tanks.



  • Consist of several high volumes and close tolerance stamping; including electrical connectors, snap top soda cans, spin-on oil filter cartridges bases, and refrigeration compressor housings.
  • Minicomputer connectors are designed at press speeds of 1,800 strokes per minute (SPM) or much more. Most times it can complete 2-8 more parts per hit.
  • Its housing is equipped with two malting halves that must be put together accurately to properly match the inner parts.
  • Safety linings in aluminum and grating.
  • No trouble with misalignment and excellent for high tolerance parts.
  • Less need for due maintenance as a result of the accuracy of the press.
  • Engineered with two main sides and offers fewer areas to make changes to dies and clear scrap metal and completed parts.
  • Highly accurate and precise operations.
  • Produces precise stampings at low speeds.
  • Huge refrigeration compressors can be stamped at press speeds of about 12 SPM (strokes per minute).
  • The rear-to-front drive system minimizes overall height.
  • Includes single point for small die areas and double point for larger die areas.
  • Counter swirling main here and binding rods direct tonnage in the direction of the center of the die area and minimize side thrust loads.
  • Adjustable strokes to pair the job requirements. The ram speed can also be modified to a rank that is suitable for your workpiece.
  • Overload protection and exerts a great amount of force.


In terms of presses, there is no single model applicable for all operators and GSS Machinery understands these needs. We offer a broad array of press designs; mechanical, hydraulic depending on your application.

This versatility allows us to modify the press to your application which makes our range of straight side and compact straight side presses ideal for larger paths that requires larger tonnage.


Looking for a durable, high-quality straight side hydraulic press?

We offer Standard Industrial Straight Side Hydraulic Presses in multiple tonnage ranges!
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