Vertical Material Storage Systems

A Quality Vertical Storage System Can Boost the Performance of Your Warehouse

Are you looking for an efficient and functional vertical material storage system? GSS Machinery is the perfect spot for you. Being the leading distributor of high-density material storage, you can get better deals when you shop with us.

Our vertical material storage systems are a machine-driven storage and restoration solution that aids order picking by an adequately fitted push button or a scan barcode. It allows maximum density storage on a small footprint, either in production or in a warehouse.

We are certain it is perfect for boosting the performance of your warehouse, security of your inventory along with the efficiency and versatility of order picking procedures, in a limited area of floor space, and it is even more suitable if your warehouse/company has limited space.

The sealed system includes a tray stored vertically on both sides, an extractor, and a control system to produce the goods to an ergonomically arranged service opening. Also, in picking a tray, the extractor is already operating in the background to set up the next one to reduce time.

As expected, vertical material storage systems offered by Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. are designed to amplify the existing overhead space in your facility, which further clears out worthy floor space. Several units can be put in cases where an operator retrieves items from one unit while other units move at the exact moment, boosting time and efficiency.

Extreme speeds, lower downtime, and well-developed tray traveling are what ensure ultimate picking performance.



  • A substantial decrease in storage space by making use of the room height (up to 30 meters).
  • Effective order picking by cutting down routes.
  • Versatile extension capacity ensures future investment safety.
  • The Pick-to-light system reduces picking errors.
  • Simple to connect to different warehouse management systems.



  • Modular Design.
  • Up to 6 service openings at the front and back.
  • Little tray spacing of 25mm.
  • A consecutive boost in 100mm increase is possible at any moment.
  • Additional trays can be added subsequently.


Simple Programming

  • Minimized speed for fragile items.
  • Storage of regularly needed items near good areas.
  • Provision of access rights for trays.
  • Easy storage of trays with different weight capabilities.
  • Guarantees up to 90% extra floor space by taking advantage of the height of the room.
  • It prevents the stored materials from rust and boosts storage density.
  • Engineered with motors, metallic frames, trays, steel-reinforced toothed bells, control systems, co-pilot operate console.
  • Consist of two vertical storage trays in the middle of trays moving up and down for storing and dispensing materials.
  • Forty-five trays of each side can hold out up to 500kg of materials.
  • They are fitted with motors that can move the tray in vertical and horizontal directions. These motors are the driving gear of the control system and offer straight and swivel degree fights which increases the system’s versatility.


Simple Programming

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