Roller Conveyors and Cross Transfers

Dramatically Streamline The Flow Of Cutting Operations and Improve Processing Time

Gulf States Saw & machine Co. offers a variety of conveyors and cross transfer / cross transport handlers to suit your specific requirements. These machines are strong and highly engineered to help you proficiently transfer loads.

GSS Machinery conveyors and cross transfer / cross transport handlers are designed to adapt to various process environments and necessities readily. The adaptive design of this machine makes it efficient in applications that include the transport of large or heavy materials. As a result, it’s common in the material handling and packaging industries.

Conveyors and cross transfer handlers offer a 90-degree transfer of loads and materials in the shortest possible time. It is well equipped and flexible to use the vertical lift and transfer mechanisms stimulated by pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems.

The control unit is managed by a PLC that can be regulated to transfer the loads at a 90 degree to either side or through a straight path based on logic/sensor feedback. Hence, the whole system offers complete integration along with downstream and upstream equipment.

Our range of Conveyors and cross transfer / cross transport handlers are primarily engineered to operate with powered chain sprocket-driven rollers for a vertical movement and a 90-degree transfer to either side through the use of a pop-up belt unit.

With this machine, our clients can explore the option of changing the pop-up belt unit with a chain in case you want to transfer bulkier/heavier loads. Also, you will be able to make a gap between the conveying lines without interfering with the rates or flows.

Primarily, our conveyors and cross transfer / cross transport handlers deliver mechanized staging, discharge, and collections of material for roller conveyors. These machines offer a constant flow of materials to and from processing units for steady operations, which results in higher productivity.


Technical Characteristics

  • Chain conveyor length: Maximum 20 meters
  • Load Per Table: Maximum 2000kg per pop up table
  • Maximum 6000kg on the chain conveyor
  • Travel Speed: up to 24m/ min for a maximum scale of time of 90 JPH



  • An uninterrupted chain transfers transfer arms to lift and materials.
  • Transfer arms swivel from one end.
  • Bulkier duty cycle applications.
  • Up to 4,000 lbs static load per arm.
  • Storage capacity is 10″ 6″ minus the width of the conveyor.
  • Includes a vertical adjustment roller for in-feed arms.
  • It consists of a whole range of arms with mechanized chains connected to a common drive shaft that delivers the material transversely.
  • The arms traverse the roller conveyor and include lifting cylinders lift and lower to influence the loading.


Applications For this Machine

  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Computer
  • Electronics
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Bottling and canning
  • Print finishing and packaging


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