Plasma with Drills Plate Processing

Heavy-Duty Thermal and Plasma Cutting with Drilling Options

Are you in need of a heavy-duty plasma cutter with drilling options? Do you have operation requests for drilled holes and you are strained to double use different machines for cutting and drilling? You do not have to look further, GSS machinery has a cost-effective solution for you.

The plasma/drill machine is the perfect choice for small to medium plate and sheet manufacturing where a high level of precisely drilled holes or tapped thread is needed. Processing all operations in a single setup minimizes a lot of double handling, faults, modifications that can occur when several processes need to be done to a workpiece. However, plasma drills are a diversity of new technology that can supersede general rotating systems that need contact with the material to be drilled.

The self-drilling combines plasma, oxy cutting machines, also equipped with cutting bit and threading tools that allow countersink and counterbore holes. Our plasma drills are capable of handling about 50mm drills and 80mm edge start cut processors.

Plasma Drills can pre-pierce strong materials with a drill and then edge- start the edge of the drill hole with its plasma torch. This excellent quality significantly enhances the ability of the plasma capacity and also greatly expands the durability as the number of dross bounces off into this torch is immensely minimized through this method.

This machine is designed to bridge the gap on available machines. Plasma drills cutting process produces a high-level precision starting from a diameter of 1X the thickness of 2X the material thickness. So if for instance, your workshop operation requires 6mm holes in 10mm plates, the perfect method is to drill, making our plasma drilling machine suitable for your operations.

Our range of Plasma drilling machines offer an average duty servo-driven mechanized tool change drilling/tapping spindle, which can drill about 16mm diameter holes in mild steel.

Plasma drills offered by Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. are properly designed to your workshop specifications and to confirm with your material or workpiece dimensions. We have various options and you can speak to our expert team for recommendations.


  • Greater drilling energy efficiency.
  • Constant drilling process without having to replace any mechanical parts.
  • Continuous ceasing diameter.
  • Highly efficient transportation of severed rocks.
  • An exceptional process that is widely used in various industries.
  • Produces unique precise cuts of premium quality.
  • Blends the great benefits of plasma cutting as well as the precision of drilling.
  • Equipped with a table dimension or 12ft by 100ft and can cut through thick materials by up to .25 in 2.6 in.
  • It can efficiently work on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other ferrous materials.
  • Alternative ball screw for spindle feed and tightening of plates.
  • Heavy labor fabrication of lever components and clamping devices.
  • Unmatched drill depth precision-made using spindle feed and plate clamp.
  • Easily accessible components such as non-proprietary drives, motors, cartridge spindle, rotary union, and many others.
  • Capable of drilling 40mm diameter by applying top speed or feed solid carbide tooling.
  • Its axis is well driven with properly positioned servo motors, does not need auto honing, and doesn’t evade its positions.


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