Magnetic Drills

Sturdy Construction and Precise Drilling Capability with an Electromagnetic Base

On the job site or in the workshop, durable, quick, and exact hole drilling is required. Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers Automatic or Manual Magnetic Drills appropriate for drilling holes in metals, iron, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, and other related materials. It is perfectly constructed for continual operation and minimal drilling fatigue.

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers Magnetic drills that are engineered with a cutting tool attachment and an electromagnet or permanent magnet base commonly used for drilling holes in metals. Its cutting tool, also known as a core drill, is empty from the inside but comes with cutting edges on the surface and the teeth.

We offer full auto, semi-auto or manual Mag Drills that are produced through high-quality standards and can perform different operations, including thread cutting, i.e., tapping, twist drilling, teaming, and countersinking.

Magnetic drills we offer nicely cuts on the edge of the hole instead of on the whole surface. This means it can cut very small material and is very speedy and practical. As a result, this machine is believed to be four times faster than any traditional machine.

Not to mention that Our high-quality magnetic drill is equipped with annular cutters that can drill holes above 12mm diameter. For holes less than 12mm, you can use twist drill bits. Additionally, it has an auto-return function such that once the drilling is finished and the slug has been ejected from the hole, the cutting is instantly retracted. This instant drill motor retraction allows the user to move on to the next hole swiftly.



  • Sturdy construction and aerodynamic functionality.
  • Powerful magnets with a magnetic force up to 23,000 lbs.
  • Highest drilling/cutting capacity- “6 diameter.
  • Tapping up to 1-5⁄8” diameter.
  • Twist drilling up to 1-3⁄4” diameter.


Mag Drill Features

  • Equipped with a magnetic base, drill motor, drill body, and an Arbour chuck.
  • It can swiftly cut large diameter holes.
  • 10 manual and auto-feed models available.
  • Modeled with core drill bits produced from high-speed steels (HSS) and tungsten carbide tip (TCT).
  • It gives a precision of 0.005mm up to 0.01mm in steel, stainless steel e.t.c
  • Structured to mix the flexibility of a drill press with a strong electromagnetic base which makes it adhere to carbon steel(ferrous metal) surface.
  • It can be stationed to drill holes horizontally, vertically, or upside down(overhead).
  • Engineered with a premium motor with an outpower range of 800 watts to 2300 watts depends on the power needed for drilling.
  • It has an auto-return function that allows multiple drills to be operated co-actively by a single operator.
  • They are designed for constant operations such as drilling and tapping structural steel and metals, including stainless steel, Inconel, iron, Hastelloy, abrasion-resistant steel, and aluminum.


Applications for Magnetic Drills

Fabrication, Welding, Building & construction, Truck, RV, & special vehicle builds, Shop building, Oil & Gas pipeline, Offshore & oil fields, Railroad Industry, Power Utilities, Maintenance facilities, Bridge construction.


Auto, Semi-auto, or Manual Nitto-Kohki Mag Drills

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