Hydraulic Punches

Efficiently Punch Square, Round, or Rectangular Shapes in Tube, Flat, or Angle Steel

Hydraulic punches offered by GSS Machinery are matchless sheet metal suitable for punching and forming. We are the leading distributor of highly efficient hydraulic punches. These punches are appropriately powered with the best engines for smooth, precise punches in a short period, and they are better than the regular drilling process.

Hydraulic punches are modeled to puncture metals with round, square or oblong holes. They are specifically designed to operate on mild steel, non-ferrous metals, and non-shattering plastics.

Typically, hydraulic punches can be controlled by hand pumps, hydraulic, gas, or electrical control pumps which can be formulated to 10,000 psi. Hydraulic punches are made for operations that require handheld twist drills or mag drills.

Aside from their compact design, hydraulic punches offer great versatility coupled with a stunning throat depth, and they can impeccably adapt to various punch and die designs.

Hydraulic punches are vastly used in various industries. They save time, offer excellent cycle times, are easy to handle, produce top-notch accuracy, and require less clean up; it comprises a clean slug that is convenient to use and provides last longing punches.



  • It offers a user-friendly operations connection, and it only needs the input requirements of the workpiece to be processed, and it operates on the workpiece without programming.
  • Capable of processing a wide variety of holes with different specifications and shapes by simply adjusting the mold.
  • Suitable for hydraulic punching, pneumatic feeding, and fast operations.
  • Capable of continuously processing an indefinite number of holes and these processed holes are safe from burrs, which makes them unique and beautiful.
  • Easy to adjust tools, fast mold change which significantly saves modification time.
  • The wide coherence of mechanized processing workpiece/product is excellent, and the quality of the product is even safer.
  • It is more effective than regular hand drills as it saves a lot of time, can be easily handled, and offers a high level of accuracy.
  • They are powered by hydraulic/air.
  • Suitable for punching any shape of holes such as square, round, rectangular, H type e.t.c in a square, rectangular, tube, flat, or angle steel.


Some maintenance tips:

  • Always clean the punch and die. Although they do not need lubrication, cleaning can extend their durability.
  • Make use of only Enerpac Oil in both punch and pumps.
  • Match punch and die appropriately at all times. For operations, ensure you set up dies with bigger openings to point downwards.
  • Ensure you change cracked, chipped, or worn-out punches and dies immediately.
  • Always observe the suited lifting force to avoid cracks while processing materials.



  • Inspection and enhancement of railways.
  • Post and telecommunications.
  • Petroleum
  • Geological and construction industries.
  • Field, high altitude, and underwater operations.



Steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, fiberglass, and non-shattering plastic surfaces.


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