Conventional Plasma Tables

Conventional CNC Plasma Tables Built to Handle Commercial Fabrication Needs

Just like the HD Plasma Tables, Conventional Plasma Tables offered by Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. are run by advanced CNC technology but comes with their own specific features that set it apart from the High Definition Plasma Cutting Table. Hence, the kind of operation which you intend to run is what ultimately determines which of the plasma tables is a suitable choice for fabrication.

How does our Conventional Plasma Table work?

GSS Machinery’s range of Conventional Plasma Cutting Tables run on a single gas (oxygen or nitrogen) compared to being run by a mix of gases. It is suitable for fabrication processes that require simple cuts that do not have complex edges. If you need these cuts for secondary fabrication processes, this may not in any way be a problem as it is an excellent choice.

Our Conventional Plasma Tables are measured using amperage which is determined as well by the nature of fabrication you needed it for. There are 65 amperages, 85 amperages, 100 amperages, and 200 amperages. It is capable of cutting mild steel of up to 1 inch while stainless and aluminum materials of up to 3⁄4 inch.



  • Very fast cutting process.
  • Least heat generation.
  • Dual side drive system.
  • Requires the least amount of clean up.
  • Clear work surface.
  • It can cut a different range of materials.
  • Produces the best plasma cut.
  • Smooth guide system.
  • Built on the light duty CNC system.


Overall, at GSS Machinery our Conventional Plasma Tables provides a cost-effective solution for many fabrication processes and are capable of producing timely cuts with excellent quality. The level of its functionality does not require any complex operation whatsoever.


Considering A Conventional Plasma Table for Your Fabrication Needs?

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