Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifters

Simplify Material Handling and Lifting Processes with a Vacuum Lifter

Handling heavy materials has been simplified through the use of Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifters. Our Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifters are designed with a remarkable dynamism that ensures their ability to aid the movement and lifting of otherwise heavy work materials or items. This could be during production processes or simply for logistics.

It is an excellent way to ensure a safe work environment and prioritizes workforce safety while moving or lifting materials. This way, physical risks are mitigated, but a potential financial risk associated with manual lifting or movement is completely forestalled.

How are Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifters designed? Most Vacuum Lifters come with a suction cup, vacuum plate -which typically applies suction pressure on the item’s surface to be lifted or moved. This suctioning ensures that workpieces or items being handled are fastened without a possibility of dropping out accidentally.

There are various uses to a Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifter because they are versatile and can be used in several industries.

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. provides Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifters for handling large/flat items, and they can handle items weighing up to 750kg. For instance, a woodwork manufacturer will need a Vacuum lifter to move heavy wooden panels and transfer them to various workstations during production.

Also, we are the number one distributor of Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifters suitable for frequent/rapid movement of items-some for lightweight items of up to 50kg and others for heavy items weighing up to 300kg. This is suitable for manufacturers who stack their outputs while it awaits distribution.

Our Vacuum Lifters have made processes such as lifting, moving, balancing, and stacking a walk in the park!


The benefits of deploying a Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifter includes:

  • Safety priority for the operator.
  • Reduced handling time which is a disadvantage of manual lifting/movement.
  • Improved and efficient work processes.
  • Elimination of damages associated with manual lifting and movement.


As a destroyed workpiece or item may cost the business severely (especially with lifting and movement of breakable or align-able materials), maximized output time is assured as items can be moved, transported, and lifted within the shortest time possible.



  • Quick change adaptor
  • Adjustable suspension height
  • Radio remote control
  • Motorized protection switch
  • Power buttons (on/off)
  • Easy hand control system



Glasswork production, Metalwork production, Airport (luggage handling), Electronic production, Packaging industry, Ship loading


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