Single Operator Iron Worker Machines

Shear, Notch and Punch Using the Best Iron Workers in the Industry

GSS Machinery is the right choice if you’re looking for a single-operator ironworker machine. Our single-operator ironworker machines guarantee extraordinary high quality, advanced features, and long-term durability to the metal fabrication industry.

Additionally, it delivers an impeccable operation. Its mastery is almost second to none because of its broad array of tooling and accessories, plus its top-notch factory design and support.

Single Operator Ironworker Machines offered by Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. are capable of shearing, notching, and punching holes into metals at a top speed. It can be conveniently fitted with a diverse range of punches and dies that allow you to punch holes in steel plates or sheet metal. Also, they are engineered with a notcher unit that allows you to notch literally any possible metals.

Typically, these machines are equipped with a shearing station that allows you to cut plates and sheet metals to size for another operation. They are also capable of helping you with a bar, flat bar, or angle shearing, plus it allows you to bend and form metal through the use of different attachments.


Check out its Excellent Features!


  • It can Punch holes at a top speed as compared to other hydraulic ironworker machines.
  • The Urethane Stripper accessory reduces the deformation of light gauge material by maintaining an intense pressure through the punch and strip cycle.
  • The integrated notching sector eliminates filet for accurate burr-free cuts and clean notches.
  • It is engineered with a quick change tooling quality. It has a split dovetail slide mounting that allows you to change tools from punching to bending in a short period.
  • GSS Machinery single operator Ironworker Machine has automatic urethane hold downs with a low rake angle. This keeps parts from deforming or distorting during the shearing process. Also, the hold-down is automated and can eliminate the need for labor-intensive adjustments in between cuts.
  • It boasts a convenient work height and plainness for all stations. Its single working level provides extended benefits when using roller feed tables.
  • It is modeled with a no slug-loss shearing, which saves material, keeps the machine area clean, and provides larger material capacity than the competition.


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