Material Finishing Machines

Precision Cutting and Finishing Machines for Metal Fabricators

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers premium power tools and accessories, including finishing machines for surface finishing on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and any kind of metals, together with sturdy plastics and woods.

Finishing machines are mainly used to coat the surface of a metal product. This is usually fine through loose abrasives, tumbling media, plating, buffing, powder coating, and cleaning compounds.

This range of machines can be used to perform an array of smoothing and surface finishing operations. Typically, finishing operations are the last phase in the metal manufacturing process for aesthetics and environment safety. It is mostly used to minimize surface roughness which exceeds the capacities of machining operations for fractions that must seal.

At GSS Machinery, we have a wide variety of high-quality finishing machines suitable for your workshop operations, and they can deliver effectively.

Some of Our Range of Finishing Machines Include;

  • Linear Grinding, Blending, And Polishing Machines: This set of equipment saves time and can effectively finish and sand stainless steel, aluminum, steel, high-quality metals, and other materials. Built with a 4” wide face, varying speed, and can be easily adjusted, 15AMP electric and has a wide class of abrasive accessories.
  • Pipe Grinding, Blending, And Polishing Machines: This range of machines eliminated wields, sand, and polish tubing. It is also perfect for stainless steel, aluminum, steel, and other top-quality materials; they are a mixture of grinder, belt sanders, and polishers. They are finely structured with a 15AMP electric feature, 3/4HP pneumatic, and various abrasive belts.
  • Professional Rotary Grinding, Blending, And Polishing Systems: This set is the most firm, strong sanders, grinders, and polish. It is equipped with speed control such that it can be easily adjusted, and it is perfect for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other types of metals. It comes with an alternative vacuum dust extraction part, and it is a handheld and bench model.
  • Beveling Machines: This range is ideal for easy beveling, deburring, and chamfering edges of steel plates and ensures top-quality strong welds. It also arranged the plate and like edges regularly and neatly.
  • Sheet Metal Deburring Machines-Chamfering Machines: This range of Machines can effectively deburr and chamfer wields, plus it is a handheld and tabletop model.
  • Surface Finishing Abrasives And Accessories: These light, affordable machines are incorporated with simple abrasive options. It is ideal for grinding wheels, belts and brushes, polishing, and maintenance products.
  • Plating Machinery: These machines connect a thin layer of metal to the material’s surface, enhancing corrosion resistance, image, magnetism, and can bond two metals together.
  • Brushed Metal: Capable of applying a similar structure to get rid of surface blemishes.
  • Buff Polishes: These machines produce high radiance and effortless finishes. It is perfect for decorative products.
  • Powder Coating Equipment: It exerts a surface texture parallel to painting but with excellent durability.
  • Hot Blackening Machines: They coat the material in black oxide to produce a matte surface and enhanced abrasion resistance.



  • They are widely used for cleaning a material’s surface, polishing for enhanced appearance, burnishing for premium radiance, uncovering production parts, applying corrosion and blemish resistance as well as vulcanization.
  • Highly cost-effective and ensures enhanced product strength.
  • Reduces stress as it can process heavy-duty loads.
  • Easy to operate and minimizes supervision.
  • Capable of finishing delicate, soft, and heavy-sized products.
  • Less operator training demand.
  • Great productivity levels.
  • Capable of combining forging and castings.


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