Automated Plate & Profile Shot Blasting Machine

Voortman VSB Range Shot Blasting Line

Increase production while lowering labor costs with automated blasting

The Voortman shot blasting machines are specially designed for shot blasting of plates and profiles and are made out of high quality components, giving the best blasting results. Long lifetime components are used to minimize the wear of the machine, which is essential on the inside due to the blasting process. Pre-installed blasting programs and automatic functions make the shot blasters fast and easy to work with. The compact design of the shot blaster reduces the required working space to a minimum, without compromising on functionality and quality.


  • Brush and blow off unit cleans the material from abrasive after blasting
  • Elevator transports the used abrasive to the separation system
  • Blasting cabinet with triple steel layer housing
  • Long turbine and motor lifespan
  • Frequency controlled turbines and abrasive
  • Hardened steel rolls to make sure they do not wear during the blasting process

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100% FULL AUTOMATION – Voortman’s VACAM software provides full automation from start to finish. Once the material is laid on the infeed cross transfers, it’s path through the entire line of connected machinery is controlled entirely by the automated system. This level of automation eliminates human errors and inefficiencies made by machine operators. VACAM is an open platform allowing an API to exchange production information between VACAM and ERP/MRP packages. End users can monitor production times in real-time. Production data is saved so that it can be compared to bid data.

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What You Need to Know About Shot Blasting Machines

Gulf States saw & Machine Co. automated plates and profile shot blasting machines are featured by the high standard and reliable parts, making it the ultimate choice for blasting profiles and plates for a perfect completed steel surface. They are effective for wear prevention.

Our range of shot blasting machines is appropriately designed with installed blasting programs and automatic features, making the machine easy to learn and operate. Its mini structural design minimizes the footprint without necessarily affecting practicality and effectiveness.

Usually, a lesser footprint is needed when merging the shot blasting procedures with painting, pre-heating, drying, and a cutdown unit.

Shot blasting machines are used mainly to clean metals plates and profiles in a constant feed process. It is the most effective means to clear the surface pollutants, clear and coarsen a polished surface by adding a primer or coating.

This machine is predominantly used in almost all metal fabrication industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rails, and many more. Shot blasting machines are unconventional, and at GSS Machinery, our shot blasting machines are well structured with meticulous variables, customized to suit our clients’ specific operations/needs.

So, for either air blasting or air blasting, GSS machinery is your perfect choice for the best and top-quality machines. Equally, our series of shot blasting machines are ideal for various production scales, can function for different use, and can be combined with continuous conveyor parts, which includes creating cleansing lines.

At GSS Machinery, We can assure that our shot blasting machines accurately boast the perks of modern design, practical structure, minimum energy demand, and great efficiency. We offer top-quality, durable shot blasting machines, and we can deliver universally in a reasonable period.


  • Minimize labor cost and enhance productivity through an automatic feature in the aimed tools, batching products and profiles, brush height modifications, and outfeed for extra distribution during the production line.
  • Its mechanized in and out feeds need less manual involvement or monitoring by operators.
  • Designed with great quality and is very durable.
  • Structured with tripe housing, a successive blasting model, alternative units for pre-heating and painting to make your steel clean in a short period as it preserves energy to reduce tool changes.
  • Suitable for handling metal plates, profiles in the steel fabrication or preparation industries.
  • Capable of cleaning, removal of corrosion, paint stripping, rust, and heat scale removal.
  • Features an excellent work speed and diverse roller conveyors used for different functions.
  • Largely used to clean metal plates and profiles in a continuous feed procedure.
  • Features a premium shot blasting grit to avoid interruption during the cleaning process.
  • Suitable for eliminating metal oxide, mill scale, and different pollutants from your steel surface, essential for the durable attachment of primer or paint to steel.
  • Complete automatic profile conveyor.
  • Fully mechanized material handling.


Automotive, Construction, Wind power, Railway, Foundry-forging, Shipyard, Mould industry, Pipeline cleaning, Electric industry, Stone industry, Cleaning, Mechanical, Metal, Metallurgy, Metal casting.

Rather than cleaning your steel surface in a manual and lengthy manner, get our automatic shot blasting machine for your workshop to maximize your productivity. GSS machinery is one of the leading distributors, and you can be assured you’ll get value for your money.

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