Sawing and Cutting Machinery

Powerful and Precise Cutting of Bar Stock and Aluminum

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. understands that sawing and cutting are very important to fabrication processes and as such have collected a formidable range of sawing and cutting machines to aid your production and fabrication processes. Here at GSS Machinery, we have a long-standing reputation of bringing only the best of machines to produce the best outputs and of course increased profit lines for fabricators and manufacturers alike.

Band Saws

Because the core of fabrication is hinged on processing a wide variety of materials, our sawing and cutting machines are then a necessity for fabricators and metalwork manufacturers. Most of our machines are designed with computerized controls which guarantee maximum precision in the outputs produced using these machines. As such, metal pieces can now be cut into various shapes or sizes or even resized seamlessly. Some of these machines are run manually while others are automated.

Manual Band Saws

We stock a large collection of Manual Band Saws with over 55 different models for you to choose from. These will outshine any other range that is currently available. With its single or double miter capacity, it is designed to ease your every fabrication need and is made of clamp vises, carbide drives, and direct drives which altogether works to give you the best metal fabrication outputs any day.

Our versatile range of Semi-auto Band Saws are also available and come in over 27 miter and non-miter models which you can choose from. They are available in horizontal, vertical, or dual column models and are built to great industrial specifications.

Automatic Band Saws

Our Auto Band Saws are not an exception to the functionality and versatility of our sawing and cutting machine range. With more than 46 miter and non-miter options to choose from, we present you our auto band saws which can be non-miter horizontal, dual column, or vertical respectively. This range is simply the very solution you need to not just maximize your output but also your profitability in fabrication- wouldn’t you like that? Of course you would!

Our line of circular saws provide quality, value and precision in cutting bar stock and aluminum. Our aluminum uncut saw provide a raise burr-free cut and can be configured with auto or semi-auto feed systems. If you need a saw that will feed a forge or multiple CNC machining centers, our line of CNC Cold Saws may be what you have been looking for. With the capability to replace 3-4 production band saws with just one machine, this option can be a valuable return on investment.


Their unique qualities include but are not limited to:

  • They can be custom made to suit your specification and fabrication needs.
  • They come in a wide range of blade sizes to suit peculiar needs.
  • They have flood and mist coolants.
  • Possession of dual-feed rate.
  • Hydraulic and air over hydraulic modes.


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