Automatic Magnetic Drills

Advanced Technology = Reduced Hole Drilling Cost

Gulf States saw & Machine Co. is the leading distributor of high-standard proficient automatic and fully automatic magnetic drills. One of our main products includes the automatic magnetic drilling machines extensively used in industrial manufacturing and vast-scale infrastructure companies.

The Automatic magnetic operates with twist drills, bits, and annular cutters to drill holes into ferrous metals and has reversible motors for tap threading, reaming, and countersinking.

Unsurprisingly, our extensively automatic magnetic drill is engineered with automated feed, automatic reverse, and automatic shut off and can drill 45mm diameter holes in 55mm cutting depth.

Compared to handheld drills, it boasts several advantages, like stability to minimize drilling fatigue, high accuracy and hole quality, easy cutting of large diameter holes, and Easy maneuvering. Another outstanding feature of this machine is its independence of drilling expertise of the operators, which means new operators can even use it without difficulty.

As a result of its automatic feed, you can get excellent performance from annular cutters. Automatic magnetic drills offered by GSS Machinery are portable and versatile, making it easier to move from one place to another. They can be positioned horizontally, vertically, sideways, and overhead. Other drilling machines do not offer these versatile features.

The base of our automatic magnetic drill is fitted with a powerful electromagnet that easily adheres the machine to the surface to be drilled and keeps the machine steady to avoid dismounting during drills. Its drill stand is equipped with an electric switch for motor and magnet, and the motor & Arbour are modeled to suit optimal operations.



  • It is well equipped with four main parts; magnetic base, drill stand, motor, and Arbour.
  • The control accurately monitors the drilling process, and the consumed power is shown through an LED.
  • A perfect mixture of spindle speed and torque produces industry cycle time with High-speed steels (HSS) and tungsten carbide tip (TCT) cutters.
  • Safe cut-out guards the drilling motor against overload.
  • A high level of balance in the drilling process protects the tool and machine, plus it can substantially minimize the risk of the core drill breaking.
  • Safety control cut out if the magnet loses its clamping, the drilling and feed motors naturally cut out.
  • The automatic feed allows various drills to be operated at the same time by one operator.
  • Suitable for automatic as well as manual drilling.
  • Handles a great variety of drilling needs in a portable, lightweight machine.
  • Auto-feed is enabled by pushing back one of the three handles.
  • Morse Taper 2 spindle.
  • Power feed drills can significantly improve productivity and minimize cutting tool costs.
  • Auto-feed applies stable, direct pressure to the workpiece/surface to increase drilling efficiency.
  • An automatic stop allows the machine’s motor to switch off once the complete reverse feed after drilling is achieved.
  • 1-3⁄8″ (36mm) diameter by 2″ (55mm) depth of cut.
  • Dual rail guide system provides excellent firmness and maintenance-free operations.
  • Structured cutter guard and large coolant capacity.



  • Type: Magnetic base
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Rotational speed: 360 rpm
  • Power: 1,050 W


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