Robotic Beam Coping and Profiling Machinery

Precise Thermal or Plasma Robotic Beam Coping Machine

All of your 3D coping and profiling is made easier with us using our top of the range coping and profiling robot. These Robotic Coping and Profiling beams are not only reliable but are designed for capacities which include cutting saddles, chamlers and slots respectively.

Because we are particular about making fabrication tasks seamless and efficient, we have here this Robotic coping and profiling beam that is designed to process angle bars, channels, square tubes, but als pipes, T Bars, plates and bulbs as well. With any of our Coping and profiling Robot, the possibilities of functions on your profiles/pipe cuts are truly limitless as it is an efficient tooling system unmatched in terms of the quality of its outputs. These outputs can be H, I and T beams, U and L channels respectively.

With us at Gulf States Saw & Machine Co., there is an assurance that our Robotic Coping and Profiling is second to none in the industry with its high definition plasma technology system that is capable of cutting through a wide range of metal profiles for not only structural steel but other metal pieces.

Cost Efficient Thermal or Plasma Robotic Profiling Machines

Owning our Robotic Coping and Profiling system is equivalent to an optimized fabrication process that has been automated specifically to bring ease to fabricators and metalwork manufacturers as it can easily work the processes of angle lines, beam drill lines, hydraulic punches, ironworkers, band saws and coping machines respectively. This is simply a way to take your fabrication processes from zero to a hundred!

For those who may have questions as to the standards of our Robotic coping and profiling machine, we can confidently say that ours has scaled the most vital fabrication tests successfully; hardness, surface texture, beam flange weld access hole quality, bolt hole sizing, positioning and perpendicularity. As always, we have through our stocking made available the Voortman CNC coping and profiling machine, which is designed to an exceptional standard just for you, hence its outstanding capacities.


  • 7-axis and 8-axis robotic thermal cutting.
  • CNC controlled axis
  • Robot controlled system
  • 4-sides coping and marking for structural shapes.
  • Roller feed measuring system.
  • Flexible robot function combination.
  • Robotic arm cuts and layout marks on 4 sides.
  • Robotic plasma functionality
  • Hypertherm true hole certified
  • VACAM control software
  • Capable of cutting 3D shapes
  • Fully automated system
  • Eliminates the possibility of human errors and inefficiency in production.
  • Easy user interface


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