Automatic Band Saws

HEM Saw Automatic Band Saws Combine Versatility and Performance

Talk about a range of technologically advanced cutting and sawing tools and we would show you our range of Automated Band Saws.

These Band Saws are built on an automated system and designed to meet unrivaled performance standards all day any day. Our range of saws uses the most recent technology in machine tool design and works with a very high level of cutting and sawing precision thereby eliminating any output related delays or waste.

At GSS Machinery, our range of Automated Band saws are mitered and non-mitered and are capable of fitting your fabrication needs as well as guaranteeing the best design and functional features.

With over 46 miter and non-miter options, they are dynamic and designed to deliver only the best in terms of cut output and fits perfectly for hobbyist and industrial uses which require accurate cuts in large quantities. These Automated Band Saws are a great way to guarantee the best outputs and in record time too.


Our range of Automated Band Saws come with the following unique features but are not limited to:

  • Varied miter and non-miter options.
  • Roll feed tables.
  • Technologically advanced control software.
  • Flood and mist coolant.
  • Dual feed rate.
  • Varying blade sizes for different sawing needs.
  • Full hydraulic system.
  • Adjustable length cuts.



  • Super alloy
  • Bronze
  • Mild & stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Lead
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Aluminum profiles



  • Electrical manufacturing.
  • Glass work production.
  • Automotive industry.


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