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When it comes to the most versatile metalwork machines and accessories in the fabrication industry that assures you of producing the best of outputs, Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. has the widest distribution range available.

For durable Band Saw Blades and Consumables ranging from regular band saw blades, carbide tip saw blades, circular saw blades and many other important accessories including consumables such as coolants, punches and dies, we’ve got you covered!

Ours is a distribution range that guarantees the best of technologically advanced machines and accessories which offers fabricators and other industrial users alike a great output edge needed for day to day processes.

Our Band Saw Blades are built using an advanced computerized system and as such can fit in for practically every application. With a mile range of material that is more than 15, they can be used to achieve custom cuts at any given time and are capable of a vast range of cuts.

As a result of an advanced cutting capacity, they can cut through materials of varied toughness and wide sets thus producing the most accurate and precise cuts. Wear and tear on our blades are minimal and this translates to a longer blade cycle and of course an economically viable range of options just for you.

For our range of consumables/coolants, we have a perfect match for every fabricator’s needs. We have available near dry micro lube, semi-synthetic, full synthetic and super synthetic types and of course in different sizes: 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 55 gallons and 275 gallons.

So, no matter what your needs for coolant are, you can totally trust us to deliver.



For band saw blades:

  • They are made of 4% chrome alloyed tool steel backer which is derived from German-made precision strip steel.
  • A blade welding process designed on CNC system.
  • A CNC annealing process that is very accurate (+/-2).
  • Varied options of tooth materials, shapes, sets and pitches.
  • 100% customized options suited to individual specifications.
  • A stocking program that comes at no additional cost at all.


For consumables:

  • Punches and Dies: all shapes and sizes to fit just about any machine.
  • Coolants: four different options and sizes for sawing grinding and machining.
  • Cutting and Drilling: regular and carbide-tip annular cutters and drilling tools. Annular cutter sharping also available.
  • Saws: regular and carbide-tip saws, circular saws and cold saw blades. CNC sharpening of HSS, carbide, segmented and friction blades from 6″ – 65″.


For durable, high-quality band saw blades and consumables, talk to us today!

We look froward to assisting you produce quality outcomes with our quality consumables.
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