Circular Saws

Precisely Cut Aluminum Profiles or Bar Stock

When it comes to power saws capable of cutting through a varied range of materials, Circulars saws are your best bet. They make use of rotating motion combined with evenly spaced blades to cut through materials and are different from hole saws or ring saws which use the same rotating motion as well. This can cut through materials such as woods, masonry, plastics and different kinds of metals.

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. has a comprehensive collection of Circular Saw include automatic upcut saws, semi-automatic upcut saws, high speed upcut saws, and production cold saws designed to suit your very needs. Our Circular Saws are mostly powered electrically, by gasoline engines or through the use of hydraulic motors which may be attached to heavy equipment thereby reducing the need for an individual source of energy.

Circular Saws cover a range of cutting or sawing machines which can be used to cut or saw materials such as metals (including aluminum and bar stock), lumber, grains (as in the case of cord wood saws), woods of different types, tiles, asphalt, brick, concrete and many other materials.

In our Circular Saw collection, our Production Cold Saws which is specifically designed for metal sawing operations uses a rotating speed which in comparison to other circular saws is slower – this is however as a result of the technicality of its specialization.

The diameter which it can cut through is wider and the most frequent blades which it uses are the segmental tooth, solid tooth and the carbide inserted tooth – all of which are designed to give you desired output required for specific tasks.

Our Production Cold Saws comes with a vice which fastens the workpiece while it is being worked on and is capable of producing horizontal cuts thereby dispelling chips that are carried away from the work surface by cutting fluids in use as well as the blade teeth and coolant.

At GSS Machinery, we not only specialize in stocking the best machines in the industry but we also make available a wide range of accessories useful throughout your machine’s life cycle.

For instance, we have a versatile range of sawing blades for Circular Saws and other cutting/sawing machines. These saw blades can generally be used for abrasive saws, biscuit joiners, brush cutter, carbide saws, concrete saws, flip over saws, miter saw, multi tool, panel saw, swing saw, radial arm saw, table saw, sally saw, swing blade sawmill, track saw and of course cold saws.

Hence, you can now pick from our range of durable blades whenever the need arises, as you no longer have to worry about blunt or damaged blades or even how to source for a perfect replacement. Isn’t that great news? We are sure it is!


Our range of automatic upcut saws, semi-automatic upcut saws, high speed upcut saws, and production cold saws come with the following unique features but are not limited to:

  • Variable blades /abrasive wheel designed to suit user needs.
  • Work vice which secures workpiece.
  • Precision cutting and sawing.
  • Sure grip which enhances balancing and adjusting of saw while in use.
  • Bevel angles, scales and pointers.
  • Accuracy of cut/saw line markers.
  • Smooth guard retraction.
  • Faster and reliable cutting and sawing.



  • Woodwork manufacturing
  • Metalwork production
  • Masonry
  • Construction Industry


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