NHC High Speed Production Circular Cold Saws

Quick, Clean And Profitable Cutting Of Sold Bar Stock

NHC High Speed Production Circular Cold Saws are industrial power tools that cut various metals and materials. The saw’s workpiece is clamped in a vise and the blade is guided by a jig or a manually operated carriage. They are similar to a jigsaw or a band saw, but it cuts with a reciprocating blade and is generally much larger and more powerful. High speed circular cold saws are used to cut pipe, steel bar, and structural steel.

NHC High Speed Production Circular Cold Saws can be used to cut various metals and other materials, such as plastic or ceramic tile. To cut a thick metal plate, the saw may be clamped in a large vise and operated with a power feeder.

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers production cold saw machines that are designed to cut materials using a continuous cutting process. They are used in different shapes and sizes depending on the material that is being cut and very essential in cutting materials that are too large to be cut by typical saws.



The blade of a cold saw is made of resharpen-able high-speed steel and rotates at a speed of fewer than 90 revolutions per minute (RPM). The cutting operation resembles that of a milling machine as opposed to a sawing machine. Thus, the cut item has a more machined edge than the conventional bandsaw-sawn edge finish. The shave is also incredibly clean and precise. This method also results in a lesser amount of burr.

NHC High Speed Production Circular Cold Saws may be the best choice for repetitive length cutting in high volumes. The applicability is likely to be determined by the material’s dimensions and nature. High-speed production circular cold saws are unbeatable when it comes to parts produced per hour if high volumes are needed.

Our saws are top-of-the-line equipment with an impressive track record, with over 10,000 cold saws sold in the last 2 years. With our expertise in circular cold saw blades, you can trust us to help you find the right high speed circular production cold saw for your needs. Our circular cold saw blades are guaranteed to be the longest-lasting in the industry.


  • A high-speed, automated magazine loader.
  • Perfect for high production.
  • Blades Made of High-Speed Steel or Carbide Tip.
  • Blade life and speed can be improved by dynamic cutting.
  • Low-pressure safety release valve.
  • Reliability that has been demonstrated.
  • CNC capability.
  • Control of the Cut and Feed via Electro-Servo.
  • Uses for Tubes with a Thick Wall and Solid Bar.
  • Steels: Carbon, Stainless, and High Strength Low Alloy.
  • Because of the advanced safety features, your employees will always have a reliable tool at their disposal.



GSS Machinery distributes only the best quality NHC High Speed Production Circular Cold Saws. Our circular cold saws are designed and built for precise and efficient cuts. We keep up with the latest in technology and stay at the forefront of the High Speed Production Circular Cold Saw Industry. We never stop improving and always strive to provide the best brands of production cold saws.

All NHC High Speed Production Circular Cold Saws listed are designed to help cut costs and increase efficiency. Through our innovative circular cold saws, you can make your machines run more efficiently and cut expenses. Circular cold saws are a great investment. They can help you run your production processes more efficiently.

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers full technical support and training on all of its products. No matter the problem, we’ll be there to get you up and running fast. You get a product that you can quickly and efficiently work within your production environment.


Replace 3-4 Production Band Saws with just ONE Machine!

We offer industry leading NHC High Speed Production Circular Cold Saws from Nishijimax.
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