Plate Roll Machines

Bend Thick or Thin plates with High Output and Precision

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers a diverse range of plate rolling machines available on the global market. We have quality plate rolling machines for bending metal sheets into cylindrical, curved, or other shaped workpieces and these machines are technologically developed to bend various thick or thin plates with utmost precision, high output, and long-term durability.

We aim to provide our customers with maximum satisfaction for every application’s demand. Our plate rolling machines are engineered with a working gear that allows you to bend flat sheet metal into your desired arc.

Applying a whole range of precise and strong toughened rolls controlled by either hydraulic or mechanical procedures, the rolls are put in a pitching position with the workpiece to be shaped. The moment the material is deep-seated between two of the rolls, a third and most times fourth roll is put into a position that pushes the material to a first bend.

Subsequently, the rolls start to spin, drawing the material through the pinched rolls and over the pushing rolls shaping an arc into the materials.


Classifications of Plate Rolling Machines

Not all plate metals are made the same way, meaning certain operations can’t be easily bent with typical rolling machines. Thus, there’s a broad range of plate rolling machines, so you have different options to exhaust depending on the complexity and peculiarity of your client’s orders. Some of the common plate rolling machines includes;

Three-roll Initial Pinch Bending Machine: This machine is categorized into two types; symmetrical and asymmetrical. The 3 rollers initial pinch bending machine operates by having all 3 rolls move and tilt plus it has one pressing top roll and two pressing side rolls. The top roll moves in the straight plane and the side rolls move on the flat plane. During the rolling process, the top toll pushes the metal plate between the two side rolls. The main benefit of the three tolls is their capability to roll various thicknesses and diameters of cylinders.

Four-roll Double Pinch Bending Machines: This double pinch machine consists of a top roll, the punching tool, and the two sides roll. Its flat metal plate is positioned in the machine on both sides and pre-bent on the same side. Its side roll executes the bending.

Special Purpose Rolling Machine: This consists of a vertical plate rolling machine, marine plate, double roll plate, core plate, multi-roll, and multi-purpose plate rolling machine.


Precepts Of Plate Rolling Machines

The motion form of the plate rolling machine can be categorized into two forms; main and auxiliary movement. The main movement includes the movement of the upper and lower rollers enabling the machine to rotate and bend the flat plate- this completes the operation task of the machine. The auxiliary movement consists of loading, unloading, and lifting of the upper roller, the lifting, and turning of the headstock while rolling the plate.


Application of the Plate Rolling Machines

The application stretches to a broad array of items which includes pressure vessels;

  • Widely used in oil and gas industries
  • Home appliances
  • Ships
  • Wind power
  • Military Arm Depot
  • Aerospace
  • Automobile Refit


GSS Machinery has an extensive range that promises a myriad of plate rolling machines that will satisfy the needs of your clients. Whether you need an excellent two roller machine heavy-duty plate rolling machines available in the market.


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