Drill Lines and Beam Drill Lines

Efficient and Cost Effective CNC Drill Line and Beam Drill Line Processing Machinery

The fastest automated Drill Lines are with us at Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. Our range of Drill Lines and Beam Drill Lines are a solution to your concerns on quality labor and its cost.

With this range, optimized productivity and best product outcomes can be guaranteed as they perform excellently functions such as drilling, milling , marking, countersinking, thread tapping and the likes. Overall, all of these functionalities are to bring ease to your work processes.

With Gulf States Saw & Machine Co., there is a Drill Line and Beam Drill Line for every fabricator as we have Beam drills that are suitable for fabricators who may have constraints with work space.

This range can move easily along the profile and provide a vast range of automated functions and can process I and H beams, channels, flat bars,angle irons, T bar, square and rectangular tubes respectively. Already assembled metal profiles can also be automatically processed without any form of manual programming. Ours is a sure way to maximize output and profitability.


  • Fully automated system
  • Easily monitored production time.
  • Servo feed system
  • Roller feeds that can accept unlimited material length.
  • Fast and accurate operation
  • Moveable cabin
  • Safety measures which are suitable for long tables.
  • Multiple path production which gives rise to increased productivity.
  • It can be used to produce identical product.
  • Automated tool changer with additional tool station.
  • Versatile models that suit different users.
  • Automated system that improves accuracy and produces best finishes for outputs.
  • Hydraulic clamps that mitigates movement of work pieces:they can also be fitted to suit individual fabricator usage.
  • Power rails which require little or no maintenance.
  • Air compressor which eliminates the need for a central connector.
  • User friendly models which enhances work safety through the use of safety bumpers and an emergency stop.
  • Automated and flexible functioning as a result of multiple tool loading system.
  • Versatile profiling types


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