Semi-Automatic Band Saws

Increased Production Speed While Producing Single Cuts

For fabricators looking to achieve increased production speed while producing single cuts, our range of Semi Automatic Band Saws are what you need. These Semi Automated Band Saws are designed to not only minimize manual labor but are such that the operator can clamp cuts and also return the saw using the same singular switch, unlike automated bandsaws which have saw frames that cannot be lifted the same way.

Generally, these Bandsaws are used alongside tables- the in-and-out table – and a work quality measurement device which ensures that sawing materials are not only done with ease but are also done with great precision.

Semi Automated Bandsaws offered by Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. are not just an excellent choice but are available in a range of functional models which are mostly accompanied by bimetal, carbon steel or carbide saw blades.

At GSS Machinery, we place priority on delivering quality tools and machines, hence our range of Semi Automatic Bandsaws which are available in dual column, vertical and horizontal models respectively. These models are capable of carrying out mitered cuts, circular cuts, ring cuts and straight cuts as well.


All our Semi-Automatic Band saws possess:

  • Safe low pressure control.
  • Hydraulic system operation.
  • Long lasting product life span.
  • Great output quality.
  • Flood coolant system.
  • Adjustable blade speed.
  • Adjustable material set.
  • Double miter cutting.
  • Minimized electric consumption.
  • Manual vice adjustment.
  • Laser light blade guide.
  • Automatic blade breakage detection.



  • Carbon & stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Zinc
  • Angle & structural Steel
  • Brass
  • Lead
  • Mix Metals
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • Pipe and tube
  • Die steel


Whatever your Semi-Automatic Band Saw needs are, we can make it possible at GSS!

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