Angle Roll Machines

Heavy-Duty Angle Rolls Designed to Work Vertically or Horizontally.

Gulf States Saw & Machinery offers an extensive selection of angle rolling machines capable of shaping metals into a structure that is useful for specific operations. Angle rolling machines can shape a flat sheet of metal into angle irons, solid squared, pipes, round tubing, or a lot of other shapes. Our range of angle rolling machines is prolific, authentic, and precise to ensure splendid bending/rolling machines deliver maximum productivity in due time.

We have a variety of angle rolling machines that are well equipped to make specific shapes and sizes of metal components, meaning your choice of angle rolling machine depends largely on what you need and which features affect your operation the most.

Angle rolling machines are built with a tough yield rating and can produce a great amount of pressure at any given time. An angle rolling machine for shaping metals supplies between 36,000 and 38,000 pounds per square inch.

These machines are widely used in industries where profiles need to be shaped into a radius or diameter of a specific size. The most popular types of shapes used in angle rolling machines included angle iron, solid square, solid rectangle, round tubing, and pipe.

Angle rolling machines offer a variety of flexibility for different types of material being used and as a result, there’s a diverse variety of these machines available in our store. It also offers an endless set of applications in various industries ranging from rolling rings for the point of tanks to forming large radius bends for constructive operations to ornamental iron companies rolling pipe for handrails and gates and many more.

GSS Machinery’s angle rolling machines are well-engineered with different kinds of dies integrated with them, offering our clients flexibility first hand. Every die has a specific radius on the edge, so based on the various sizes of angle iron you use/intend to use, you will be able to pair the radius in the appropriate die without the angle iron, specific types of Channel, T section or C section materials.


Features of Angle Rolling Machines

  • Highly potent and sturdy structures.
  • The holes can be placed at the angle by different means; drilled, punched by mechanical or hydraulic pressure.
  • Massive angle rings can be created by connecting ring segments.
  • Designed to minimize the operator’s labor and time to set up operations.
  • Structured with a profile bender that has a strong direct drive gearbox drive system that offers full rotation when bending at maximum capacity.
  • The volatile speed option lets the operator adjust various rolling speeds for every type of material.
  • Well equipped to operate at great efficiency with great performance offering utmost precision.


Things to Consider Before Getting an Angle Rolling Machine

There are certain factors you need to take into account before you purchase this machine.

The Thickness of Material:

  • Firstly, be sure of the machine size and the operations you need it for, the thickness of the material you will be using, and the closeness of the diameter you want to acquire. Weighing these options will work as a good start to decide the size of an angle rolling machine you need.
  • It will be unpleasant to end up with an angled roller that is too big for your operation, yet, you will not want to use up the machine’s ability after every operation. Exhausting the machine’s ability can result in a technician flop and is particularly strenuous to the shafts, hydraulic equipped type, and the gears.


  • Similarly, examine the size of the diameter you would like to achieve because it is a great driving factor for the size of the machine that will be appropriate for your workshop’s certain needs.
  • Getting a new piece of equipment for your workshop can be sometimes puzzling which is why it is advisable to consult experts with a lot of experience with machines to save you money and confusion at the end of the day. GSS Machinery is your ideal choice for either consultation or appropriate purchase. We have an amazing amount of experience and expertise in the area of angle rolling machines to help with your workshop’s productivity.


Rugged, Hydraulic Angle Roll Machines Available in Multiple Weights

Multiple Sizes Available from 4,000-32,000 Pounds!
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