Iron Worker Machines

Iron Worker Machines That Are Tough, Dependable and Profitable

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a high-quality ironworker machine. We have a wide range of ironworker machines to pick from, each with its unique qualities.

Ironworker machines offered by Gulf States saw & Machine Co. are fabricated to suit your desired purposes. Undoubtedly, they are the perfect choice for high-volume production, and you can get maximum performance and efficiency with minimal maintenance and downtime. They are built tough and designed to last such that you have lesser worries in terms of maintenance.

The ironworker machine is great for those that require a heavy machine that can perform many tasks. They are built with hardened steel to control rigorous force when used alongside generating the right amount of power needed to handle metals. If you have an iron shop, it’s a necessity.

At the end of the day, when you buy a machine from GSS Machinery, you are not just getting one machine but a variety of machines in one. These capabilities allow you to customize your machine with a variety of different accessories. As a result, you can switch processes without having to go through time-consuming tooling transitions.

Check out our wide variety of Iron Worker Machines.


Here are some distinctive features that our ironworker machines guarantee:

  • Designed with suitable steel blades to plow through metals easily.
  • Our ironworker machines are adaptable and reliable such that it is efficient in terms of shearing, punching, notching, forming or blending of steel plates.
  • Fashioned in a way that can be easily reorganized for different operations, and one person can handle it.
  • It is built with standard stations that can shear flats plates, angle iron, round and square bar stock, punch plates, I-beam, and channel iron.
  • Built with safety at the back of our minds. Each station requires space at a minimum of 20 feet because initially, that is the usual stock length of most materials used on ironworker machines.
  • Our ironworker machines make use of hydraulic rams controlled by alternating solid current electric motors.
  • They are designed to operate swiftly and smoothly and can handle whatever steel that is thrown at them.
  • Has a strong steel structure to get rid of contractions.
  • Firm stop rod system for the shearing station helps reduce waste and accelerate precision.
  • It comes with back gauges and guides for more information to ascertain years of efficient production.


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