Hydraulic Press Brakes

American-Made Metal Fabrication Equipment

Do you need a strong and reliable machine for processing and bending metal sheets? At Gulf States Saw & Machine Co., our Single Cylinder and Dual Cylinder Y1+Y2 Hydraulic Press Brakes are capable of bending metal sheets and plates without hassles. They are strong and can be relied upon by fabricators for various form bending. The operation of our Hydraulic Press Brakes is quite simple as it basically requires that the material being worked on is fastened on the bed while the ram descends on it.

Generally, the tonnage of a Hydraulic Press Brake is also known as the Press Capacity and is what determines the size of the work-piece that can be processed on the Press Brake and the unit of force measurement which is a press brake can deliver and is what bends work-pieces into desired/specific degrees. The tonnage range of our Press Brakes is between 30 tons to 3000 tons while the bed lengths begin at 4 feet and ranges up to almost 30 feet.

Single Cylinder Press

Our Single Cylinder and Dual Cylinder Hydraulic Press Brakes are designed using the CNC technology system-the Computerized Numeric Control which is the latest technological advancement in Press Brake designs and utilizes a blast system that removes rust from the work-piece surface. Because it is run on Servo Electric systems, our range of advanced dual bending machines function purely electrically. They require no form of hydraulic oiling and energy consumption is minimal.

It runs on a double axis back gauge system and is capable of automated bending step calculation and also bending lengths that are full between the side frames. These servo-electric Press Brakes are big on precision bending, eco-friendly, easy to use and require the least maintenance cost.

Dual Cylinder Press Brake

We also have a range of Press Brakes designed on the hydraulic control system. Its bending capacity is capable of handling thick work-pieces. As a result of its tonnage capacity, it works efficiently on any thick metal material. This range is built in either Single Cylinder or Dual Cylinder Y1+Y2 formats and requires no complex operation to function. Materials that can be processed on our Press Brakes include steel, brass, metal sheets, and aluminum alloys.



  • Matching punch
  • Advanced Press Drives
  • Die
  • Work-piece Bed
  • Automated electro-servo valve
  • Adjustable speed precision cranks
  • CNC crowning units
  • Hydraulic proportion system
  • Computerized control system



  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Metal artwork production
  • Metal container production
  • Sheet metal formation
  • Shipbuilding
  • Elevator construction
  • Railway vehicle production


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