Pipe and Tube Processing Machines

What you need to know about our Pipe and Tube Processing Machines

How much more productive are you when you have the right equipment? We offer a wide range of Pipe and Tube Processing Machines to fulfil various mechanized pipe cutting requirements. These machines manufacture steel tubes, pipes, and structural sections, are easy to operate, and require little maintenance.

Over time, Our team has been working on getting the most out of pipe and tube processing machines, and we’ve found that when they are correctly used, they can be an asset to any production facility. These machines will allow you to cut, bend, roll, and weld your pipe and tube products like never before.


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  • Mechanized cut-off steeples, which are used to chamfer, shape, groove, and execute tube and bar cutting.
  • CNC threading system and CNC rotating machines that channel machinated solutions to the final section plus mechanized ability to decrease the cost of production and stage by stage time.
  • Rotary head chop-off machines that chop off, chamfer, counterbore, bevel O.D steps or shoulders and have the ability to execute ‘j’ groves for tubular stock. This is the most effective mechanized tube processing machine.
  • TBC mechanized lathes that help stock tube or bar stock bore, cut off, and then offload in a single wholly mechanized step.
  • Chamber end furnishing equipment is used to Chamfer, face, center drill, turn, bore, thread, and execute other tube and bar finishing operations.
  • Machines that build, refurbish, and are made for longevity.


Pipe and Tube Processing Machine Experts

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. promises cost-effective and dependable Pipe and Tube Processing Machines. They are durable and can stand the test of time, and offer the highest quality for the lowest cost possible. You can rest assured that you will get value for your money. Our metal fabrication products and machinery can help you cut processing costs by up to 20%.


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