Four Column Hydraulic Presses

Designed for Heavy Production Work for Any Type of Faculty Size

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. four-column press machines are the ideal choice for any industry that gives prominence to both quality and especially first-rate price/performance rate. Our four-column press machines are equipped with the most prominent uses for durable and practical forming.

Originality, excellence, unrivaled quality, and precision are our highest priority when stacking our store with four-column press machines. Virtually all our multiple clients from all over the world invest their trust in our four-column press machines.

The four-column press machine, which has found usage in various industries, is a machine that operates with a liquid static pressure to handle products/workpieces like metals, plastics, rubber, wood, power e.t.c.

The four-column press machine is widely used in processing operations and press forming processes like forging, stamping, cold extrusion, straightening, bending, flanging, sheet drawing, powder metallurgy, press fittings, and many more.



  • Four-column construction.
  • All parts tooling access.
  • Excellent quality/price rates.
  • Narrow structure.
  • Its power source is compressed air, it is extremely effective and simple to use, with simple structure and minimal maintenance.
  • There is no noise production when the hydraulic system is in status, this can lessen energy consumption and minimize production cost.
  • Structured with tables in adjustable and balanced steel.
  • “T” holes for accurate/precise tool fixing.
  • Cushion stroke.
  • The size, speed, stroke, pressure, and stamping time can be modified randomly depending on specific products, workpieces, or molds.
  • Minimal production cost.
  • Simple operation and high level of safety.
  • Engineered with a footswitch that is used to control the solenoid valve, the construction is simple, low failure rate and the production effectiveness is enhanced.
  • It can be used to cut, plant, form, bend, rive in thin plates, strips, and coils.
  • Ideal for processing non-ferrous metals, plastics parts, and much more.
  • Incorporated with two major parts; the main machine and the control machine.
  • Its pipeline and the electrical system device are linked to create a whole unit, the main part is made of a body and a master cylinder.
  • Properly equipped with an anti-rotation guide bar and guide plate, the precision is great, and it can adjust to full-speed precision punching.
  • Designed with an alternative two-hand control or pedaling which also ensures the physical safety of the operators.
  • It can operate with a microcomputer control system, the model can either be manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. You can also add heating molds, temperature control, and pressure sensors.



Depending on the liquid that exerts pressure, there are two types; oil presses and hydraulic presses.


Forming presses


If you are in search of a first-rate four-column pressing machine, Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. is your best option. Our range of four-column press machines is available in an assortment of tonnages, table sizes, and space between columns. They are flexible and can find use in any industry. At GSS Machinery, we make sure that you invest in equipment that is ideal for your specific operations/requirements.


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