C-Frame Hydraulic Presses

Easy to Install, Cost-effective, and Reliable with Unmatched Performance

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. is an expert distributor of top-speed high precision pressing machines and other automation equipment. Our range of C-frame press machines is easy to install, cost-effective, reliable with unmatched performance.

The C-frame press machine is widely used in various industries for different operations and can deliver constant performance despite the toughness of the metal to be formed and assembly applications.

Generally, C-frame press machines are built to occupy less floor space as compared to other metalworking machinery. The C-frame press machine, also known as a gap frame press machine is categorized by the form of the press covering the area of operations, which results in the form of a “c” around the bolster plate.

C-frame presses are a typically used type of hydraulic press and are similar to other hydraulic presses. These machines are exceedingly flexible and can be used for various applications across various industries.

The general design of the C-frame press machine is made up of a steel framework, hydraulic cylinder, and upper and lower platens; also known as the slide table and the booster table.

Our C-frame press machines are adequately designed from A36 steel because it is highly favorable and has great firmness which further makes them appropriate for stamping applications. The C-frame press has 3 open sides making it easy for the press to process an array of applications/operators which includes many materials and shapes.

However, these machines are mostly relied on for applications that need lesser bed sizes and minimized tonnages. So, a C-frame press can be fitted with different tooling to enable bending, punching, cutting, or straightening applications.



  • Made with three access points around the operation area; this allows simpler die maintenance and adjustments as well as the evacuation of scrap metal and completed parts.
  • Cost-efficient, great torque, less noise with clutch and brake.
  • Firm frame with minimized deflection.
  • Designed to operate either manually or automatically making it perfect for brief periods or high volume production.
  • Its stamped parts are made from various sheet metal materials like copper, titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum. Also, the Ram drives the sheet metal using the die forming the needed shape.
  • Requires minimal floor space as opposed to most hydraulic presses. This is a result of the narrow and firm C-shaped frame.
  • Easy to operate and designed to offer work convenience, enhanced open space, and work approach benefits.
  • A process tool, also known as a die, is used to form the parts from the inserted sheet metals.
  • It can process other metal forming operations such as assembly, bending, blanking, coining, compaction, crimping, draw and deep draw work, embossing, forming, piercing, press fitting, staking, straightening, and trimming.
  • Its great accuracy transmission gears and high severity crank ensures its durability and precision.
  • Enforced lubrication system along with default monitor, guarantees the operation reliability.
  • The frame of its press is built with A36 steel because of its beneficial features and strength, making our C-frame press perfect for stamping applications while offering less deflection.



Applications include: Aerospace, Manufacturing, Appliance, Automotive manufacturing, Ceramics, Food and beverage, Processing, Industrial, Marine, Medical, Military and defense, Packaging, Pulp and paper.


At GSS Machinery, all our C-frame press machines are top quality and well equipped with the most recent safety mechanisms and can be adjusted to your specific application requirements.


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