Semi-Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saws

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With a dynamic array of Semi Automatic Upcut Saws built to cut through a wide range of aluminum profiles, extrusions and non-ferrous materials, our collection is specifically designed with fabricators and metalwork producers in mind. It is designed using technologically advanced systems which enhance automated and programmable sawing and cutting productions.

This range of saws are capable of cutting through different angles using various lengths in the simplest of ways; and can also feed work materials seamlessly. In this range, we have saws that can perform a number of important production and fabrication cut processes. For instance, non-ferrous materials can be cut using a tooth carbide blade which can produce round cuts and rectangular cuts respectively.

Because we are bent on giving our esteemed customers only the best of experiences with our fabrication and production machines, we have stocked up this range which is built on a semi automated sawing program system that is capable of automating the rotation of various cut angles, feeding materials into the saw, rotating cuts to different desired angles during production or fabrication, without leaving out an accurate measuring system.

This range also conveniently stores up cut lists using its computerized control system – Isn’t that amazing?


  • Adjustable work material feed rate.
  • Dual pneumatic clamp to secure workpiece.
  • Varying voltage configuration.
  • Varying mitering capacities for different fixed stops.
  • Safety hood for protection of blade door.
  • Varying saw blade models to suit different models.
  • Hydro pneumatic cut system.
  • Coolant and mist system.
  • User friendly models.
  • Adjustable saw blade speed.
  • Horizontal and vertical clamp.



  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Vinyl profiles
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Plastics


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