Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saws

Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saws Are Faster, Safer, And More Efficient

An automatic aluminum up-cut saw has a cutting mechanism that automatically moves the saw blade downwards, cutting the workpiece. These machines are used in the construction industry to cut, weld, and shape metal into different objects. They are designed to cut with a minimum amount of vibration and heat, and up to a specified length.

Our automatic aluminum saws are faster, safer, and more efficient. They are designed to handle large volumes of material with greater accuracy, precision, and consistency.

GSS machinery assures that you get a fully automatic aluminum upcut saw constructed and intended to cut aluminum extrusions, profiles, and other non-ferrous materials (copper, brass, plastics).

The Fully Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw machine has an automatic saw head rotation and automatic material indexing.


  • Upcut design fully enclosed saw blade chamber.
  • Precision ground worktable with a special coating.
  • Powered Saw Head.
  • Built-in Automatic Pusher System – Servo Controlled.
  • Touchscreen Control.
  • Full Control of the Feed Rate.
  • Pneumatic clamping system with adjustable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of extrusions.
  • High RPM Saw Blade Speed.
  • Precise micro-drip blade lubrication system.
  • Vertical and horizontal clamping.
  • Fully Automatic Operation.
  • Adjustable Clamping Pressure.



The key advantage of our Automatic Aluminum Upcut Saw System is the configurable Automatic Pusher System, which allows you to just press “Go” and step back and watch your cuts be maximized. Using the saw eliminates the need for multiple people, as one person can feed the raw material and stack the finished products. In order to maximize your material efficiency, this saw system lets you alter or create your cultist or group right at the saw.

Half clamping the leading or trailing edge of your material creates a hazardous condition and waste parts, which are eliminated by the Intelligent Clamping System of these machines. The precision and efficiency of the cutting process eliminate errors, further optimizing the production flow to reduce the time needed to finish the job to a minimum. Excellent for cutting non-ferrous metals like wood and aluminum.


  • Aluminum window and door manufacturers.
  • Storefront manufacturers.
  • And many more applications possible for this machine.

High-precision saw blade, lightweight aluminum housing and the rigidity of the aluminum frame help increase the accuracy and precision of cutting. We offer automatic aluminum up-cut saws from the most reliable manufacturers that produce automatic saws that are by far the best quality on the market. These machines provide consistent performance and can deliver custom solutions for high-volume cutting jobs.


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