BLM Group USA® LS5 Fiber Laser Cutting System
GSS Machinery offers Polaris X12 fiber laser cutting systems.

Laser Cutting Systems

BLM Group USA® LS5 Fiber Laser Cutting System

Compact and configurable sheet metal laser cutting system

The only sheet metal laser cutting machine that can be turned into a tube laser cutting machine – with the added advantage of fiber laser cutting which include: more efficiency and less power consumption, superior performance on thinner materials, no laser maintenance needed, and ability to process new materials.

GSS Machinery offers the BLM LS5 Fiber Laser Cutting System


  • Sheet metal formats: 10’ x 5’, 13’ x 6.5’, 20’ x 6.5’.
  • In-line or transverse pallet change.
  • Fiber laser source up to 8 kW.
  • Machinable materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, galvanized.
  • Very compact layout.

Polaris X12 Fiber Laser Cutting System

Fiber Laser Cutting Systems Designed Specifically for Metal Fabricators

Polaris Machinery Group adds economical and affordable fiber laser cutting systems for metal fabricators. Polaris Fiber Lasers are designed and built in the US with components made in the US. All support and service is US-based.

Polaris X12 fiber laser cutting system.


  • Fiber Laser Gantry with enclosure.
  • 61”x144” cutting envelope.
  • Powered Dual Shuttle table.
  • Laser Control System with Auto Height Sensing.
  • IPG Fiber Optic Cable Beam delivery to Cutting Head.
  • Auto Focus Cutting Head.


are more efficient,
less expensive to
operate and maintain
and can efficiently
process thin and
reflective materials.


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Product Videos

  • BLM Group USA LS5
    • BLM Group USA LS5

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  • Aluminum Cutting with Polaris Fiber Laser
    • Aluminum Cutting with Polaris Fiber Laser

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