Automated Loading and Storage Systems for Fiber Laser Machines

Combine Loading and Storage Automation for Even More Efficiency

Automated loading systems are the perfect solutions for enhancing dexterity and safety during product delivery processes at warehouses. This range of machines is an essential aspect of any distribution center, making it widely applicable in various industries, as it doubles the efficiency of their operations. This efficiency is only possible when the process is automated.

At Gulf States Saw & Machine Co., we offer a top-quality variety of automated loading machines that are practical, versatile, and original.

Automated loading systems mean the automatic integration and delivery of pallets, slips, sheets, racks, containers into or from a truck with low operator involvement.

However, these loading machines are positioned in the docking area, a focal access area for every installation. Thus, it is required to create their arrangement in every last detail, select the type of dock to be made depending on the functional space and particularly the definite amount of docks.

The number of docks will be based on the flow of material, dispatch size, the delivery time of the goods, the amount of time required to unload and move the loads, and many more. Automated loading machines are very versatile, encouraging most industries to modify their installation design for suitability.


  • Its high speed provides efficient productivity, ease to operate, and no assembly time. Enhanced ergonomics as no heavy products need to be lifted.
  • Engineered with an automated system, the truck, with its port already unlocked, drops back to match the loading dock. When it arrives at the required limit/ location, the dock door opens.
  • The automatic products loading and unloading process start once the truck is linked to the loading dock power station.
  • During the unloading process, pallets go into the station through a conveyor system (mainly in a complete automated warehouse). For the loading process, once the unloading process is completed, the truck is ready to move the load or goods.
  • It requires low/zero operator intervention and completes the whole operation in minimum time without any wreck.
  • Well-built to load and unload a whole truck with 33 pallets in a short period, which boosts the number of good dispatches and receipts.
  • It reduces the time required to finish the dock-to-stock procedure, meaning less space in the staging room is needed, leaving room for other operations.
  • Abolishes unexpected movement while loading and unloading loads from the truck, which prevents damages to goods/products. Thus, reducing reverse logistics activity.
  • The integrated automatic system reduces the high risk of casualties in a warehouse, making the area safer, less populated, and reducing overall operating costs.



Many automated loading systems may also include automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) or engineered conveyor-built systems incorporated into trucks automating the loading and unloading operations. These conveyor systems are popularly known as;

  • Roller beds
  • Slip chains
  • T-bars
  • Live floors
  • Roller tracks
  • Belt floors
  • Trailer skates
  • Skate and tracks
  • Slate floors
  • Chain floors
  • Powered cargo rollers



  • Automotive
  • Consumer products
  • Manufacturers
  • Transportation industry


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