Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Systems

Fiber Laser Cutting Systems Designed Specifically for Metal Fabricators

Gulf States Saw & Machine Co. offers an array of top-quality fiber laser cutting systems, and you can get great deals when you shop from us today. Our services feature; recommendations, inquiries, expert customer services, and guides for all levels of fabricators.

Fiber laser cutting systems are steadily becoming an integral part of metal fabrication and have managed to find extensive applications in different industries like metal signage, interior decoration, engineering parts, sheet metal cabinets, automobile, advertising, kitchenware, home appliance, doors and windows, and many more industries.

Fiber Lasers are the most effective means of laser cutting systems. This machine generates a laser beam through an active fiber and conveys it to the machine’s cutting head through a transport fiber. Fiber lasers are noticeably smaller than other laser systems and produce more power from the same current rate.

GSS Machinery fiber laser cutting system operates with the ultimate advances in fiber lasers manufacturing technology that enhances our customer’s productivity and profitability.

The inbuilt laser technology in our fiber laser cutting systems produces accurate top cut speed and versatility to operate various materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, steel coil, zinc-coated steel sheet, brass, stainless steel, electrolyte plate, alloy and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Typically, Fiber laser cutting systems can generate various wavelengths and use an optical fiber cable out of silica glass to guide light. Thus, the produced laser beam is more accurate than most types of lasers as it is linear and smaller, it also has a mini footprint, great energy efficiency, minimized maintenance, and reduced operating cost.


  • Compact design and the light propagating in its fibers are properly preserved from the environment.
  • Produces a great gain frequency range, a large wavelength that turns ranges and it is capable of producing ultra-short pulses.
  • Operates at great power with unparalleled efficiency and is suitable for different types of cutting procedures.
  • Capable of cutting through thin materials at a great speed and with a high level of precision.
  • It can effectively cut/process reflective materials, avoiding the risk of reflections that damages the machine, making it even more suitable for metals like copper, brass, and aluminum.
  • Generate an extraordinarily powerful laser that makes it easy to cut through thick materials such as steel. The cut is so precise that the beam does not cause any harm to nearby materials of the workpiece being processed.
  • Produces a greater degree of beam quality that can be depended on to get a remarkable level of precision and intensified power densities, which means easy completion of operations and reduced energy cost.
  • Ensures operator’s safety by offering laser safety and fume extraction, the laser processes can be adjusted for a particular operation.
  • No emotive parts or mirrors in the light-generating source, reducing maintenance needs and operating costs.
  • Promises 50% longer servicing span and 50% reduced servicing costs.
  • Not suitable for density plates materials such as fiberboard, wood fiber, and plant fiber. This machine is well suited for thermal processing.


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