GSS offers the Voortman VP2500 Paint Line

Voortman VP Range Automated Plate and Profile Paint Line

Voortman VP Range Paint Line

VP Range Paint Line Specially Designed for Plates and Profiles.

Automated Structural Steel Coating

Voortman auto paint lines are installed in-line with Voortman saws, drills, copers and blasting machines. The VP series of auto paint lines can be configured to apply primer only, or primer and top coat. When the material exits the drying chamber, the parts are dry and ready to be removed from the line.


  • Paint supply system that is suitable for solvent based as well as water-based paint.
  • Measuring using light barrier, means height of upper paint trolley is adjusted automatically.
  • Dry air filtration to catch paint particles.
  • Easy cleaning with special material which makes cleaning of the machine very easy.
  • Drying tunnel with chain conveyor that will not to damage freshly painted material.
  • Additional Paint Supply System that can be used for multiple colors or different paint types.

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100% FULL AUTOMATION – Voortman’s VACAM software provides full automation from start to finish. Once the material is laid on the infeed cross transfers, it’s path through the entire line of connected machinery is controlled entirely by the automated system. This level of automation eliminates human errors and inefficiencies made by machine operators. VACAM is an open platform allowing an API to exchange production information between VACAM and ERP/MRP packages. End users can monitor production times in real-time. Production data is saved so that it can be compared to bid data.

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Check out our range of Automated Plate and Profile Line machines which are specifically designed for automatic structural steel coating and painting. Using an advanced software system, it automates the end to end process of plate and profile coating. This unique degree of automation is what distinguishes our range from the rest as all errors linked to manual coating and painting processes are completely non-existent. It is capable of applying either primer or a combination of primer and top coating. So, whatever your structural painting or coating needs are, we are here to attend to it at GSS Machinery.

Our range of automated plate and profile paint line machines are designed to help you achieve the best of finishes and invariably increase your overall output and profit. It is designed such that it detects work piece measurements and as such sprays the coating only when the work material is fixed. This singular capacity guarantees a lengthened machine life cycle and an outrightly reduced cost of production for structural work fabricators and manufacturers.

Before a workpiece is worked on in the plate and profile paint line machine, the length and width dimensions are captured and this data is what is used by the machine to adjust the positioning of the upper paint trolley- this process is automated to ensure the elimination of paint wastages while spraying and by this guarantees perfectly covered plates and profiles.

The maximum adjustments of an option for profiles can be 2.6mm (entrance), 600mm (entrance height), 1.800mm (profile width), 500mm (profile height) and for plates 2.5mm (entrance height).

All options within our range however come with 4 airless spray guns.


  • Fully automated system.
  • Automated infeed and outfeed processes.
  • Automated adjustment of upper paint trolley.
  • It leaves no room for human error or inefficiencies.
  • Exchange of production information between VACAM and ERP/MRP.
  • Real time monitoring of production time.
  • Ease of cleaning made possible by specific materials made available to users.
  • Quick drying chamber complemented by a chain conveyor which eliminates the possibility of damages to a newly coated plate or profile.
  • Extra paint supply system that allows more paint types.
  • An air filtration system that picks up paint particles during painting or coating.
  • Fast and reliable painting and coating.
  • Airless gun sprays.
  • It can use solvent, water-based paint or a mixed system depending on your structural fabrication need.
  • Pre heater unit that takes off moisture on profile and plate surfaces to be worked on.
  • User-friendly operation.


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