Pass Through Plasma with Drill Plate Processing

Heavy-Duty Plate Drilling, Cutting & Milling with Pass-Through Processing

Metal fabricator’s operations mainly demand a great percentage of plate connections based on the application. Plate steel can make base plates, end plates, stiffeners, shear tabs, and washers.

Getting a plate processing machine allows metal fabricators to control their plate directory and enhance their overall productivity. For that reason, GSS machinery offers a great variety of plate processing machines, making us your ideal choice.

A pass-through plate processing machine is structured with a stationary gantry that allows materials to pass through for further processing. Our range of pass-through plate processing machines is designed with mechanized part processing.

This machine is well structured with plasma and oxy-fuel cutting technology along with a power drill. It features a 10-starting mechanized part handler, automatic part removal conveyor, inbuilt swarf brush, the quickest maximum control at hand, and offers absolute precision and automation.

Unlike the typical moving gantry, a pass-through plate processing machine allows materials/workpieces to be conveyed through a stationary gantry for cutting, drilling, marking, beveling, taping, and many more. Its extensive mixture of various functions will give your comparative industry advantages, and your operations will not need complex fittings, multiple setups, or transfer of workpiece from one place to other, increasing productivity and value for your industry/workshop.


  • Supplies material on; allows the finished parts to unload automatically.
  • It comes with a mini footprint, making it easy to perform all operations in a small area.
  • Minimized part handling when conveyed with a cross transfer to load automatically.
  • Ensures maximum productivity as it can operate with smaller parts.
  • Capable of cutting plasma up to 3” thick, oxy-fuel up until 3” thick, plasma beveling, and oxy-fuel beveling to about 30 degrees.
  • Saves time exponentially as production includes minor products with holes. Since each time the torch changes position within cuts, you save extra time, leading to maximizing production in a short period.
  • Inbuilt with instant cut technology that produces great production, speed, and quality.
  • Effectively produces quick and accurate quotations.
  • Capable of drilling up until 4” hole, tapping up until 2” hole, milling, counterboring, chamfering, hole interpolation, thread milling, and park marking.
  • It offers maximum production as you can cut, mill, drill, and a lot more in a single operation; it is also equipped with a single lifter operation for one plasma torch.
  • It can automatically change tools in a short period and is appropriately designed with park marking and plasma etching.
  • Well regulated and fast ship replacement parts.
  • Offers the best plasma and machining accuracy. It comes with an optional driven rack as well as a pinion drive system.
  • Engineered with 100% protection for various lines and drives. It also comes with a single-piece welded gantry suitable for the toughness of advanced manufacturing.
  • Each axis is built with a straight beating guide system and comes with linear rails and a spiral racking.
  • Properly customized to suit your distinct operations.


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