Moving Gantry Plasma with Drills Plate Processing

Heavy-Duty Thermal and Plasma Cutting with Drilling Options

GSS machinery’s Gantry Plate processing is the ultimate processing machine for metal fabricators and manufacturers. The inherent versatility of the Gantry-style plate processing means you will be purchasing the only machine your operation requires; it offers an inexpensive cost as a result of its incredible versatility, high productivity, and little floor space.

The main objective of this excellent machine is to offer minimum floor to floor times for your conventional operations along with minimal cost tooling and versatility for the usual and unusual.

Gantry plate processing allows you to have better control of your plate inventory. It can efficiently operate different operations ranging from small to heavy plate, for thermal cutting, marking, milling, drilling, tapping, beveling, and many more, all in a single machine, with unrivaled precision.

Typically, Gantry plate processing is machines equipped with stationary rails and cutting surfaces ,including a transitory gantry, that transits the plate in length and breadth to generate part from plate stock.

Its versatility allows you to run an entire nest of more complicated parts effectively. It produced maximum productivity from half capacity; half of the cutting table load and unload while the other half processes.

Most Gantry Plate processing can perform beveling operations and can store materials on completed parts.


  • Plasma Cutting: Well equipped with plasma and alternative oxy-fuel torches based on the model of the gantry, it can cut plates from about .0625″ (3mm) to 12″ (305mm) in steel and can cut from about.0625″ (3mm) to 1.5″ (40mm) in stainless, brass and aluminum. It features a stability of .004″ (.1mm) to assure quality parts for a great fit up and minimal welding time. For tough plate work, the machine can be loaded with about three oxy-fuel torches for precise stripping and multiple part cutting.
  • Beveling: Capable of welding fits either through milling, plasma, or oxy beveling. For accurate bevels, milling is more precise, and lesser internal angles are mostly faster.
  • Drilling and Tapping: Operates with synchronized servo drives and ball screws for every movement along with a huge 30KW servo drive for the drilling spindle, leading to intense acceleration. Extreme speed is achieved in a bit of amount of time, and intense torque in the range from 1 to 2.500 rpm is ideal for carbide drilling. For taping, the digital control device offers top-quality threads on tapped holes ranging rim .0625″ (3mm) for cable clips to .9375″ (22mm) for structural bolts. For rigid materials or holes equal to 350 diameters, thread milling is an easy way to produce top-quality threads with low tooling costs.
  • Surface and Slot Milling: For machine parts and other structural detail items, slotted holes, milled bearing or mating surfaces e.t.c are needed. The high level of precision of this machine in both cutting and machining allows many operations to be done on the stock plate, which reduces handling cost, floor space, and groundwork of other operations. Fabricating the milling of the weld set up the surface can significantly lessen welding costs. A premium ability of this machine is the high-level precision tab and slot fits. Most times, tab and slot arrangement can be hard to operate with plasma cut slots as a result of the huge leniency on the slot, such that the precision of the assembly is settled. A milled slot can be designed to precisely fit the tab, so the assembly set up is firm, enhancing the dimensional precision of the final assembly.
  • Minimum footprint.
  • High accuracy solidified and ground spiral rack on the X and Y axis.
  • Face milling for bearing surface in construction operations and shafts in structural steel fabrication.
  • Spiral Milling for bigger holes with minimum tooling cost.
  • High-level accuracy laser for plate referencing reduces the requirements for square plates before processing.
  • Easy floor scale installation without the requirement for special foundations.
  • Incorporated mechanized plate clamping does not need set up and reduced vibration to get top rate productivity and tool life.
  • Tool changing occurs as the plate is clamped for accurate tapping, countersinking, boring, and milling.
  • Extreme speed milling and drilling capacity with 7000 rpm spindle speeds and mechanized tool changer.


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