Single Cylinder Press Brakes

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Talk about a heavy-duty American-made Press Brake and we will show you the Standard Industrial Single Cylinder Press Brake. This is no regular Press Brake! This Press Brake is built to industry specification and designed to stand the test of time.

This Single Cylinder Press Brake does not require any level of complexity in its hydraulic system control, requires a minimum labor input level, and is very economical.

In design, The Standard Industrial Single Cylinder Press Brake is unique and is such that adjusts it’s loading point to suit usage. The loading point does an off-center loading when force is needed close to the end of the brake but uses the center loading point when tonnage is needed at the center or across the bed.

How does it work?

The Standard Industrial Single Cylinder Press uses a hydra-mechanical drive system which makes available the full tonnage required on the bed and ram for fabrication processes.

In our customary fashion at GSS Machinery, we have in stock the best Single Cylinder Press Brakes to suit your fabrication needs.



  • CNC control with DELEM and ECA.
  • Multi facetted back gauge configuration.
  • An extensive tool package selection.
  • A wide range of user application.
  • Multiple central lubrication systems.
  • Easily adjustable ram to bed adjustments.
  • Heavy-duty ram clamp.



  • Punching application positioned to eliminate hydraulic system shock.
  • Full-length bends.
  • Easy and precise bending on smaller workpieces.


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